24V 5Ah Lithium Polymer Battery Charger (Li-Ion)

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      Ebike charger for 48V all electric bikes and can be modified per request from EMP to attach to any e-bike charger. Ships from Vegas fast. Charger with safety features for charger all-electric bike systems new and used brands. We also can repair charging systems as well just give us a call today. Ebike Charger with XT-60 charger port but can also be modified for the following:

      • 5.5mm Barrell Connector 
      • XT - 60 Connector
      • XT - 90 Connector
      • XT - 30 Connector
      • Anderson Connector 
      • Deans Connector 
      • Alligator Clips 


      1.AC input: 110AC&260V AC, 47 to 63Hz

      2.Output power:600W
      3.DC output voltage: 12.6V 24A
      4.LED indicator light logo: red and green, double color instructions, red charging green finished or standby
      5.Efficiency: >85%
      6.MTBF: 30000 hours
      7.Main export markets: Asia/Eastern Europe/Mid East/Africa/Australasia/North America/Central/South America/Western Europe


      Protect Characteristic

      1. Short-circuit protection
      2. Over-current protection
      3. Over-voltage protection
      4. Reverse Polarity Protection
      5. Over-temperature protection

      Work Conditions:
      Ambient temperature: -5 - 40℃
      RH: 5 - 95%
      Max. altitude: 10000  meter
      Cooling: chargers use of forced air cooling system. Under dustless and ventilated conditions, the full load temperature rise not exceeding 40℃.

      Storage conditions
      Ambient temperature: -40 - 70℃
      RH: 0 - 95%

      Max. altitude: 20000 meters.

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