Extended Warranty ( Battery Only )

Warranty on total failure and, in addition, the warranty covers a reduction of 70% percent in the battery capacity from its initial capacity. Example if you purchases a 10 Amp battery and your battery is now only around 70% ( 7 Amps ) we will cover this under warranty during the warranty period. Anything equal to or less will not be covered as the battery cells might have been damaged from improper usage. 

Covered Under warranty 

  • Battery capacity 70% and above 
  • Complete battery failure with in the duration of the warranty 
  • Imbalanced battery pack 
  • If battery because lose inside and needs to be tighten
  • Blown Internal Fuses
  • Battery Management System Failure 

Not Covered Under Warranty 

  • Damaged Battery ( Punctures / Drops / Cuts in battery case / Damaged ports due to improper charging ) 
  • Reverse polarity with incorrect charger (We advise you use our charger ) 
  • Battery dead to non charging (Emp has a data logger to see how many times the battery was charged in their BMS)  
  • Warranty is void if battery is charged below 35 Degree and if charged above 100 degrees ( Battery should always be charged in close to room temperature) 
  • Warranty is voided if not charged every month (Data Logger checked ) 

In the event that the battery needs work due to failure or battery fault EMP will pay for return shipping on the item for customers in the US. International customer are exempt from the extended warranty but normal 1 year warranty apply to all. 

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