Lead Acid Replacement

Lithium batteries have become commonplace in cell phones, laptops, tablets, power tools and a host of other personal electronics.  Lithium batteries are also being mass produced for military applications and electric vehicles as popularized by Tesla Motors.The bottom line is that mass production and continuing product evolution have lowered costs and created higher quality in lithium batteries. Today, lithium batteries are a frequent choice of customer around the world who are replacing outdated lead acid batteries.RPE's high powered replacement batteries can be combined using SmartBus technology to produce 6V, 12V, 24V or larger storage systems.  Please contact us if your requirements are not shown in the product list below.Some important advantages you should know about RPE's lithium replacement batteries are that they:Can be simply "dropped-in" as a lead acid replacement in automobiles (in some other applications the most common question is mounting modifications or cable length changes due to the smaller size of the lithium battery)Typically last 4 to 20 times longer than the lead acid batteries that they are replacing depending on the application.....3,000 to 5,000 discharge cycles are typical with lithium as compared to 300 to 500 cycles for lead acid Require no maintenance and have no lead, no hazardous gas and no acidDo not lose their charge when not in use (loss will occur during longer term storage)Use the same charger as the lead acid battery being replacedUse popular and proven LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) chemistry which eliminates any concerns about heat and fire previously associated with older lithium chemistriesAre 50% - 70% lighter than the lead acid batteries they are replacing and up to 75% smaller in physical sizeHave automatic protective battery management technology built inCan be combined in a battery array to replace higher capacity systems

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