Battery Intake Form


Copy and Print this page to send this into RPE with any battery for rebuild quote 

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SHIPPING: Please send the BATTERY and CHARGER using a corrugate box. Even if you think your charger is bad send it in we will check it our use it to build you a brand new charger. Secure the battery and charger with internal protection, making sure battery does not have room to move during transit. Please do not use packing peanuts. These can get caught in the connectors posing a hazard when the battery is plugged in.

Close your container securely and display the dangerous goods label that is provided, on the outside of your package. Send via GROUND shipping with your preferred shipper. We will send you a quote/invoice after receiving your battery.

You do not have to fill everything out below 


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Ebike Information

Make: __________________________________________ Model: ______________________________________ Year: ____________________________

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Battery Information

Brand/Manufacturer: ______________________________________________ Voltage (May be a range) ______________________________

Wattage (May be a range): ____________________________ Amperage (May be a range)_________________________________________

Description of Problem:­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________________________________________________



Are you interested in an upgrade if possible? ­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________________________

If you are interested in a Upgrade you battery will be bigger which means you might want to think about also upgrading the charger. We have both replacement chargers and we can upgrade your charger. 

Are you interested in a Faster Charger?






Send Ground To:
Ebike Market Place
6585 Arville Street, Suite A
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118