EMP Battery projects

Here is some current projects that Ebike Market Place has already done and that are being used in the United states currently. EMP loves its custom customers looking for ways to bring more unique styles to the american ebike industry. With EMP's ability to make any battery out there here is a look at some of the current ones out there in the world now.

Red E Bike Tours LLC

Red E Bike Tours LLC is the premiere ELECTRIC bicycle tour company in the Las Vegas area. They was  the first and only company to offer electric bike tours in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area starting May 2013. Their mission is to provide the public with one of the best environmentally friendly adventures off the Las Vegas Strip and in doing so recreate a passion for the great outdoors. This can easily be achieved by allowing people of all ability levels to participate in something that was once set aside for the super athletic. 

If you ever come to Vegas and want to experience EMP's battery power out for yourself as well to see Las Vegas Famous Red Rock Canyon click below to book your tour. 

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Nectar Marine 

Nectar Marine cycles is a custom american ebike company that uses the LIFEPO4 batteries inside of there customs cycles and uses EMP to build there batteries for them. This is a 48V battery system that uses the rare 26650 type cells that has over 1000 cycles . Follow this company to learn more about there custom sweet cycles. 

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