What's Inside of a E-BikeMarketPlace Battery?

Batteries are important to us and they are not cheap so here at EMP we do everything to protect your investment by building the battery with HIGH quality  add ons. We have been building batteries for over 6 years now but the most important thing about our experince with batteries is the rebuilding process. 

Currently we rebuild batteries for a lot of top companies and most of our customers know just what to expect when we rebuild a battery. Safety / Range / Power are all important when building a battery but how do you find a good balance of the three and still fit this inside of a small space?   Check the video below for that answer!

We are lucky to have the opportunity to see how all the past companies built there batteries which trained us on how to build the Perfect Ebike Batteires. This is why we are able to build such amazing batteries as we have taken apart many batteries from all the different e-bike companies and learned from those batteries. Here is a list of battery companies we current rebuild for Click Here 


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