36-48V TDCM Hub Motor 1800W motor

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Electric Vehicle - Rear Hub Motor 

TDCM has a number of high profile customers in the electric bike market, where we have been a key niche player since some of the very first innovations in electric bike mobility. We also have a number of smaller customers in high powered scooter and other electric vehicle applications. 

As well as specific OEM products, our standard ODM characteristics include:

  • Eloquent Design "Merlin" Sine Wave Controller
  • Direct drive, brushless motors 150W - 1,800W Rated power
  • V-brake, thread-on, cassette (Shimano), and IGH gear configurations
  • Rear Wheel
  • Noiseless, smooth operation
  • Matte black, silver, gloss finishes

All motors integrate into a number of system and control configurations, and are currently paired with:

  1. TDCM's bottom bracket torque sensor,
  2.  Integrated cassette torque sensor, and 
  3. TMM4 torque sensor