48V LIFEPO4 18Ah battery


EMP pedi cab battery is a custom battery made specially for the pedi cab users in America. We spoke to  pedi cab drivers about what they wanted to see in a battery and we hit on everything they asked for and added a few more extra features. 

 Battery is a build to order option will be available after November 15

Emp Pedi can battery 

  • 18Ah capacity
  • Max Discharge Cuurent 3C continues/ 5C Peak
  • Max Charge 10 Amps 
  • 48v battery - Max charge 54V
  • USB 5v installed 
  • low voltage alarm system (Alert the user to charge battery of system drops to low)
  • Hard shell battery case system 
  • Temperature thermistor to monitor extreme temperature and will shut off if limit is reached 
  • 3 pin XLR chargering port 
  • Heavy duty Anderson discharge connector 
  • LED battery life gauge 
  • 1 year warranty battery (2 year option is available)
  •  2000 cycles of battery life 
  • Available option for 52V system LIFEPO4


Battery Size Dimensions

7.71 x 7.71 x 5.90 in