Bulk Order Batteries for OEM


 One order is for 10 Batteries 

Batteries from EMP to you we are ready to support you battery needs with orders up to 500 for any ebike build. Bulk discount so you are able to supply your bike systems with any battery you need just let us know what you need for your Business and we will get it for you. Call us to select a case size that you would like to use at 888-456-9410


Down Tube Battery or Back Rack 

  • 24V 14Ah
  • 36V 14Ah
  • 48V 14Ah
  • 52V 14Ah 

Rear Rack System 

  • 36V 31Ah
  • 48V24.5 Ah
  • 52V 21Ah

 Lead time for this item is 30 - 40 days