EMP Premium Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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Or if you are a total speed junkie, feel free to upgrade to our 48 volt mid-drive system! This custom kit provides up to 750 watts up unbridled power in-front of your bicycle gear drive. Unleash up to 30 MPH of pure speed while you cruise in excess of 35 miles on our 14AH battery that is built, tested, and certified in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!  For more information on our premium conversion kit click 

Extended warranty available for additional year for $450 Covers all electrical components for an additional year  

Kit Includes

  • 48V 750W BBS 02 Motor Full Kit
  • Installation with 1 year warranty 
  • Down Tube Battery
  • 14Ah EMP Special Build hour battery 
  • 48V 5A Charger 

Each 48V 750W kit includes the following.

  • Mid-Drive Motor with integrated controller.
  • Standard 25A current limit.
  • 46T chainring/cover and crank arms.
  • Waterproof interconnecting cabling.
  • Thumb throttle.Set of power cutoff brake levers for cable pull brake.
  • C961 LCD display including on/off and power modes switch.
  • Speed sensor Used only with a 36V battery.
  • Low voltage cutoff is set at 28V

Battery Specifications

  • 48V 14AH Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Pack in Water Bottle Mount Case
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Specifications:Model: Bottle type
  • Battery material: li-polymer
  • Nominal voltage: 48v
  • Rated capacity: 16Ah
  • Charge current limit: 4A
  • Charging mode: CC/CV
  • Max charge voltage: 54.6V
  • 30 Amp continuous 60 Amp burst discharge
  • Cycle life: About 500 cycles
  • Range with one charge: 30 - 40 miles

Charger Specs.

  • 48v Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
  • Li-Ion Battery Charger
  • LED Red: Charging
  • LED Green : Charge-Full
  • Model - IN4252800
  • Input AC 100v - 240v50 - 60HZ
  • Output 54.6V --- 5A
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty