EMP Standard Electric Bike Conversion Kit

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 Our Standard Kit 36 volt mid-drive motor provides up to 500 watts of nominal monster power to your new ride. Unleash the beast with a range of up to 40 miles with our new 14AH battery that is manufactured and tested in USA.This kit comes fully installed and is backed by a 1 year full system warranty for all retail use for this system kit. 


Kit Includes

  • 36V 500W BBS 02 Motor Full Kit
  • Installation with 1 year warranty 
  • Down Tube Battery Case 
  • 14Ah EMP Special Built  hour battery 
  • 36V 2.8 A Charger 

Each 36V 500W kit includes the following.

  • Mid-Drive Motor with integrated controller.
  • Standard 25A current limit.
  • 46T chainring/cover and crank arms.
  • Waterproof interconnecting cabling.
  • Thumb throttle.Set of power cutoff brake levers for cable pull brake.
  • C961 LCD display including on/off and power modes switch.
  • Speed sensor Used only with a 36V battery.
  • Low voltage cutoff is set at 28V

Battery Specifications

  • 36V 14AH Lithium Polymer
  • Battery Pack with Charged Match cells 
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Battery material: li-polymer 
  • Nominal voltage: 36v
  • Rated capacity: 8Ah 
  • Charge current limit: 4A
  • Charging mode: CC/CV
  • Max charge voltage: 42V
  • 25 Amp continuous 50 Amp burst discharge
  • Cycle life: About 500 cycles
  • Range with one charge: 20 - 30 miles (motor 500w) Recommended to be used with 36V 350W electric bicycle motor.
  • High Discharge Polymer 2c - 3c

Charger Specs.

  • 36v Lithium Polymer Battery Charger
  • Li-Ion Battery Charger
  • LED Red: Charging
  • LED Green : Charge-Full
  • Model - IN4252800
  • Input AC 100v - 240v50 - 60HZ
  • Output 42.5V---2.8A
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

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