EMP Tri-Battery 52V Battery


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      52V EMP TRIANGLE Battery 

      All Batteries is insulated with hard plastic 18650 Shell as we care about safety we understand no one is perfect that why we beefed up the battery to be protected. We have the biggest batteries in the world because we can custom build any battery you need. We build out batteries cause we want to ensure they last for a long time and that you have 100% US support for all your battery needs. You can even chose your own 18650 battery quality as we sell many different 18650 battery cells on our site chose the cells you want.
      This is our special hard plastic that fully protect the battery not only making it safer but it keeps the battery lasting longer while inside the bag. This is perfect for of road bikes as they tend to move around a bit inside so with this added plastic you can ensure the battery will be great even if it moves around. 
      • 100% Tested LG/ Samsung / Sanyo Cells 
      • 40 amp continuous 80 amp burst BMS
      • Xt-90 lead wire connectors with spark resistor for Discharge 
      • Xt-90 Male for the controller
      • XLR 3 pin Charge connector for charging 
      • Weight of Battery: 10 - 18 pounds
      • Battery Volume Dimensions: 19'' x 17" x 10
      Please call to order different connectors or simply leave a note/email with a link to the correct connectors you would like to have installed. 
      Depending on the battery you chose from you will have an option to place a controller inside as well but if you have a Mid Drive motor why not use that space for more battery capacity. 

      Custom built Battery will take 7-10 business day to build 

         We recommended a good charger to use is the Cycle Satiator you can find more compatible chargers here Click Here  Battery Configurations 

        52v 14Ah 14s4P
        52v 17Ah 14s5P
        52v 21Ah 14s6P
        52v 24Ah 14s7P
        52v 28Ah 14s8P
        52v 31Ah 14s9P

        EMP triangle Battery  pack will give you the ultimate in long range at an affordable price and is  designed to fit in a triangle bag inside the  frame which is the ultimate mounting solution for a conversion ebike.  In America there are many motors that are super [owerfull its about time someone made a battery to handle It as it  will put out as much power as almost any ebike controller will output. If your ebike is not that powerful dont worry, the battery will only dish out as much power as the controller asks for and no more so you wont fry your current system.  This pack comes with a very advanced BMS (battery management system) which protects the pack from damage during charge and discharge.  

        This BMS also has temperature protection to keep the pack from getting too hot during discharge and charging.It is a high power BMS which will allow the pack to put out 50amps continuous (2500 watts) and 80 amp bursts (4000 watts) although running this much power will  reduce packs life expectancy so we recommend to not run your battery to hard if you expect it to last over 500 charges.  

        Don’t forget to buy a charger we recommend buying a charger that is below .5c for the battery so if your battery is a 20amps we recommend using a charger that is at least half that amount. 20/2 = 10 amp charger    

        We build our batteries in America because we understand that the motors here for ebike are very powerful. So if you plan to buy a motor in America that is more than 500W you should consider buying a battery that can handle that power. In china most motors are 500w and below so the batteries they build in bulk are normally for 500w motors . This is why we encourage everyone to make sure you have a strong battery to handle the motors, even if you don’t by the battery from EMP make sure you are informed!  

    • Dealer Support


        We are a ebike component store that can help fully support you business with all different type of electrical components. We have access to all the top Motor brands and we have the ability to repair the motors as well. Our factory is fully capable of   rebuilding and recycling all different types of ebike batteries. We can also build specials batteries above 48v spec so please let us handle all you specials projects. Let us help you businesses become more successful by adding a custom style batteries. We can build a custom battery to fit inside of your system for you. Do you want a sample battery to test out the market? No problem send over a case for your battery system and let us do the rest. We are battery experts so we can chose the correct connectors that will work well with your system. 

        Options available for OEM style and Custom batteries

        • High Current Discharge Connectors
        • Battery management System Protection including Temp sensor
        • Heat shrink/Rubber Heat Shrink
        • Custom Battery Gauge
        • Quick disconnect Switches

        Do you have a bike collection that you would like to make electric but not sure how to get started? Contact Us for more info!

        Product Options 

        1. 24V - 72v Options we have access to the best motors in china place your next order with us and we will get you any motor you want.
        2. 250W  - 5000W motors we have access to what ever range you want just let us know the project and we will get the best motors only tested and ceritfed by our best engineers. 
        3. Mid Motor / Front motor / Rear motor - just chose the place you want the power to come from and we will get it for you no problem or if you want chose more than one we have built several system with two motors to give you that extra power needed for what ever project you have. 
        4. Chargers -  Fast charging to safe slow charger we can get any voltage and current range that is needed to get you system going. 
        5. Cases - No only can we get you cases but we can even brand them with you shop name if you like just give us a call and we can help you get started.



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