EMP Whale Lord Battery 48V 24.5Amp


If you have space for a back rack battery then you should consider a large battery that can really take you the distance. Our Whale Load battery is built to last with 18650 cells that have the range to take you anywhere as well has capable of handling the power demand of any motor out there. 



  • Nominal Capacity 24.5Ah
  • Nominal Voltage 48V
  • Max. charge voltage 54.6V
  • Max. discharge voltage 39V
  • Max Input Current 10 amps
  • Cycle life 500 times
  • Weight 20 lbs
  • Max Discharge Current Continuous 30 Amps
  • Max Discharge Current Peak  60 Amps
  • Operating Temperate Range Charge 0˚C ~ 45˚C
  • Operating Temperate Range Discharge-20˚C ~ 60˚C
  • Storage Temperate Range (Long Term Storage 3 months)-10˚C ~ 45˚C (23˚C )
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty