Mxus 3000W motor

  • High-performance reliable 60V or 72V 3000w electric motor rear hub motor.
  • Rated speed: 60-75 km/h.Capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.
  • Delivery within 10-25 working days.
  • The 3000W rear motor available in 3 different windings:

    5Tx12 or 7.2 kV = slow winding for higher efficiency at slow speeds, better recuperation, less heat development on steep hills.
    4Tx16 or 8.9 kV = medium winding for a medium-speed motor with a good efficiency.
    3Tx21 or 11.9 kV = fast winding for the highest speed.

    Model 3000W
    Type Rear gearless motor
    Rated Power (W) 3000W
    Rated Voltage (V) 60V/ 72V
    Rated Speed (km/h) 50
    Torque 100
    Install width(mm) 142mm
    Weight 10kg
    Cabling Route Shaft center left
    Efficiency ≥83%
    Noise Grade (DB) ≤55
    IP Grade IP65
    Saalt Spray Test (h) 96
Kindly notice: please leave messages to tell us about these details: 
  1.  Motor Voltage 60v or 72v motor;
  2.  Motor Winding: 3T*21,4T*16, 5T*12;
  3.  Wheel Size: 20" , 26", 27.5" or 28";
  4.  Brake type: V brake compatible, V / Disc brake compatible