Reention Shark 4 Lithium Ion Battery


Voltage (V)
Amp-Hour (Ah)
  • Product Description

      Introducing our new Tesla Cell battery case using the latest cell technology 21700 cells that have been tested for LEV use. The 21700 cells don't see the same capacity sag as the 18650 cells currently do and they ad a provide life cycle life for the cells compared to the 18650 cells. 

      Battery Specifications

      • 48V 20Ah Lithium Poly Max Version 
      • Battery Pack in Water Bottle Mount Case
      • 1 year manufacturer warranty
      • Specifications:Model: Bottle type
      • Battery material: LICO2
      • Nominal voltage: 48v
      • Rated capacity: 16 - 20 Ah
      • Charge current limit: 10A
      • Charging mode: CC/CV
      • Max charge voltage: 54.6V
      • 40 Amp continuous 80 Amp burst discharge
      • Cycle life: 500 cycles
      • Range with one charge: 40 - 50 miles (motor 500w) 
      • RPE R40/LG M50 / Samsung T40/ Samsung 50E
      • Barrell 5mm Charge Port 
      • Battery Balancing feature 

      Call us for discharge port options XT-60 is standard for this battery pack 

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