iZip Enlightened E-bike Battery Cell Replacement

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iZip Trekking Trailz Street Urban Cruiser Enlightened Battery

One of the popular e-bikes from 2007-2009 were the iZip Enlightened series, including the Trekking, Trailz, Street, and Urban Cruiser models. These used batteries housed in the downtube, many of which were based on NiMH chemistry. We can convert these to state of the art lithium ion to give you more power and more range, up to 24V 15Ah in a 7S 5P configuration.

iZip Trekking Trailz Street Urban Cruiser NiMH to Li-ion Battery conversion

If your battery isn't holding a charge or giving you as much range as you need, contact us and we'll make sure you get back on the road. Our battery cell replacements are backed with a full 12 month warranty.

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Replacement or rebuild battery for izip enlightened bike, what is the cost?

Dotti Brown,

I am also interested in replacement options for izip enlightened trekking


@Stacey – We will be in touch regarding our current pricing.

EBike Marketplace,

Can you give me a price on replacement/refurbished battery for Izip trekking enlightened nuvinci

Stacey Bilotta,

@Kenny – We do not have any replacement packs, but we can rebuild and convert your battery to lithium ion.

EBike Marketplace,

I am interested in a replacement pack for an IZip Enlightened 24V E-bike. Please let me know if you have any options available.
Thank you.


@Richard – We will be in touch with our current pricing options.

EBike Marketplace,

Pricing for trekking by izip for charger and bsttery?

Richard McCormick,

@John – We will be in touch, thank you!

EBike Marketplace,

Please email me with pricing options to replace the nimh battery on my IZIP Trekking Enlightened – please include pricing on a new charger if needed-

John Stickel,

@Lori – We have a few different options depending on your needs. We will be in touch!

EBike Marketplace,

My Izip enlightened trails battery is not working very well, only going about 5 miles on a charge. How much to recondition it or replace it? Thanks

Lori Gardner,

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