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Smart Battery

Battery Health Tips


Refer to Owner’s Manual — Each Energie Cycle E-bike comes with an owner’s manual that outlines how to maintain your battery. Read and follow the owner’s manual and warning stickers supplied with your bike.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures – Extreme temperature conditions put additional stress on lithium ion batteries. Exposure to extreme temperatures may result in irreversible decreased capacity and cycle life.. Avoid storing and charging your battery in a garage or shed that could be subject to extreme temperatures. Instead, charge and store your battery in a moderate temperature area.

Recommended storage temperatures are 32F – 77F. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme heat, 104F + for long periods of time.

Extended Storage of a Lithium Battery – If you will not be riding your electric bike for an extended period of time it is a good idea to store your lithium battery with a full charge. At the 3 month point, check the state of charge and recharge to top it off if necessary.

Avoid Humidity – Store your bike, battery and charger in a location that is dry. Water and humidity are not good for any electrical device.

Standard BMS Options

Battery Management System
All Naked pack has a standard battery management system that ensures safety and consistent performance, which also includes these features:

  • Cell balancing
  • Short circuit protection
  • High temperature cutoff
  • Overcurrent cutoff
  • Overcharge protection
  • Over discharge protection
  • Smart BMS Options



Manufacturer & Retailer Advantages

Technical Advantages

  • Real time vehicle diagnosis and statistics of components performance on real conditions of usage;
  • Faster communication with customers & manufacturer and all supply chain via an integrated with a smart customer service and a ticketing system;
  • Reduced service costs & faster spare parts procurement;
  • Easier and automatic warranty checks.

Marketing Advantages

  • Empowered user-vehicle profiling;
  • Customized Marketing Messages;
  • Automatic notifications for best ebike usage (i.e. recharge battery);
  • Increased Brand visibility with Viral Marketing;
  • New product image and appeal;
  • New and improved maintenance Services;
  • Vehicle with eSocialBike ePlus technology embedded are ready for the fleet management environment;
  • Contestual advertising based on Geo-Location.

User advantages


  • An advanced cockpit that allows the customer to monitor speed, the riding time and the covered distance.
  • Vehicle data can be checked in real time showing the battery state of health and main key parameters.
  • Possibility to activate the alarm from the smartphone App and receive warning signals on the smartphone each time the e-bike is displaced from its original location.


  • The possibility to record trips and visualize them on a map.
  • The possibility to share ebike rides with other users over major social networks.
  • Badges unlocked according to the ebike usage and CO2 saved.


  • Advices for a correct usage of the ebike and reminders about the state of the warranty.
  • Real time communication with the ebike customer care via a simple direct message including the remote diagnosis.
  • Possibility to control the e-bike parameters, the battery state of charge and its geo-location on a remote basis.