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Lithium batteries have become increasingly popular over the past few years due to their superior performance and long lifespan. However, as with all batteries, they will eventually need to be replaced, and disposing of them improperly can cause significant environmental harm. Therefore, it is important to recycle your lithium batteries to minimize the impact on the environment.

Recycle your Battery
EMP determine battery type

Ebike Market Place has some steps to take when recycling lithium Light Electric Vehicle batteries:

Rechargeable Power Energy, the parent company to Ebiker Market Place, has a recycling center located in Las Vegas Click here to download a Battery Recycle Intake Form for the shipping sticker.

- OR -

Check for recycling programs in your area: Many cities and towns have programs that allow you to recycle your batteries, so the first step is to find out if such a program exists in your area. Check with your local waste management agency or visit their website to find out what recycling options are available.

Determine what type of lithium battery you have

There are two main types of lithium batteries: primary and secondary.

  • Primary lithium batteries are non-rechargeable and are commonly used in small electronic devices such as cameras, watches, and calculators. ( We do not accept these)
  • Secondary lithium batteries are rechargeable and are commonly used in larger devices such as laptops, cell phones, and power tools. It is important to know which type of battery you have because the recycling process can differ based on the type.(We ACCEPT THESE!!!)

EMP determine battery type
EMP prepare the battery

Prepare the battery for recycling

Before recycling your lithium battery, it is important to prepare it properly. If the battery is still functioning, discharge it completely before recycling. If the battery is damaged, place it in a plastic bag or wrap ( lithium battery bags click here ) it in tape to prevent any leaks.

Find a recycling center

Once you have determined what type of lithium battery you have and have prepared it properly, you can send the battery to our location where we will disassemble the battery correctly. We break the battery cells down one by one before we send the batteries to be finally recycled.

EMP recycling center
EMP recycle for discount

EMP Recycle for Discount

Send your battery into our shop and we will give you an additional discount of your next order up to 10% off which can be applied to anything sold on www.emp.vegas. The Process is simple: fill out the battery intake form and send the battery to our location for recycling only if the battery is for an electric bike We might be able to accept other Light Electric Vehicle products as well but you will need to call first to confirm.

How It Works


Send in battery case with cells inside 1


The battery cells will be sorted and recycled correctly in step 3


EMP Will disassemble the battery case and remove the cells safely 1 by 1 for the correct recycling process