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Battery Range Expectations

Factors that influence the range of your eBike

The capacity of the battery largely determines how many miles you can go with a full battery.  This is best compared to the gas tank of a car: as the tank grows (and therefore the capacity increases), you will benefit from a greater amount of fuel.

An important advantage of a rebuild is that you can increase the capacity you desire.  Depending on the chosen capacity (expressed in Wh), the range of a battery is increased by a certain percentage.  For example, if we upgrade the capacity of your bicycle battery by 10%, the cycling distance will increase by up to 10% (compared to a new battery), under the same conditions.

You should always take into account that several factors determine the range of your eBike.  The size of the fuel tank does not say anything about the conditions or the efficiency of the motor/rider.  The following factors have a direct influence on the number of miles that can be ridden per battery charge:


Pedal assistance:

The assistance level of the motor determines how much power is required from the battery 

Tire pressure:

When the tires of the eBike are insufficiently inflated, this creates a high degree of rolling resistance, which means that a lot of energy is lost during the rolling of the tires


Environmental factors such as the slope of the road and headwind have a major influence on the amount of energy required from the motor

Outside temperature:                                                              At low temperatures, the capacity of the battery decreases by up to 20%

of the motor:

An efficient motor system ensures that the energy from the battery is better converted to the wheels. 

Driving behavior :

Choosing a low gear during start-up and maintaining a constant speed provides a more efficient energy supply


of the eBike and rider