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Business To Business

We are here to help small and big businesses alike grow their business to support E-bike sales and E-bike battery servicing. Please feel free to inquire regarding our Dealer Programs and Training Plans.

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High Quality build's

Every product made here in-house undergoes strict quality control procedures during assembly and is built by one of our certified technicians.

Consignment on bikes

Do you need help growing your fleet or expanding your shop to provide e-bike sales to your customers? We offer consignment plans for our dealers for many different brands and styles of electric vehicles. Inquire with us today!

Replacement Batteries For All Ebikes

We have relationships with many different companies and vendors that allow us to provide replacement batteries for nearly all makes and models.

USA Support For All Products

We strive to provide the best customer support here at EMP! Our company is not located overseas, you do not have to deal with language barriers or delayed shipments. We have a dedicated support team that can provide assistance by phone or email daily, or you can stop by one of our facilities directly.

White label products

Don't want our logo on your batteries? That's no problem! We've worked with many companies in the past to support their proprietary fleets and abide to strict NDA laws.

Discounts on all ebike components

As a dealer, you are subject to discounts on your e-bike components, parts, and accessories!

Battery Fleet maintenance for 3 party batteries

We provide services to help maintain your fleet of e-bikes. As a manufacturer, sometimes you may not have time to maintain the batteries which can lead to a shortened lifespan. Allow us to set a schedule for maintaining or repairing your batteries as needed!

OEM battery options

We can design, build, and support large batch orders of batteries for your newest project.

Extended warranty for all batteries

We stand by the quality of our builds. As such, we are able to provide extended warranties on our products at your request!

Programmable Motor systems

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Programmable Battery Management System

Does your build require extra power or special operating parameters to ensure peak performance? We can get you a custom Battery Management System to support your drivetrain needs!