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Why Rebuild A Battery vs Buying New?

If your e-bike or other personal electric vehicle isn't giving you the range it used to, degradation of the battery is the primary cause. Whether it's just old age, over use, or misuse and neglect, EBike Marketplace can rebuild and usually upgrade your lithium ion battery for you.


The rebuild process entails opening up your battery case and replacing all of the cells inside. The standard size is slightly larger than a typical AA battery and is called 18650 because it's 18mm in diameter and 65mm long. By re-using your case, we can guarantee the battery will fit back in your bike.

18650 lithium ion battery cell

Often, we can even upgrade the capacity (Ah) of the battery pack giving you longer range between charges. The new 18650 lithium ion cells that we use are packed with more energy than older technology cells that originally came with your battery. This upgrade is fully compatible with your bike. We've worked on packs where we've almost doubled the original range!


If your original battery was lead acid (SLA, AGM, or some other format) or nickel-based (nickel metal hydride, Ni-MH or nickel cadmium, NiCd), we can convert those chemistries over to lithium ion. Lithium ion provides greater energy density than these older technologies enabling to use a smaller and lighter battery for the same distance or to get significant range increase with the same physical size battery.


So why would you want to send your battery in for a rebuild versus buying a new battery? The obvious answer is that it might be your only option if you can't find a new battery. But even if you can, there a few things to consider:

1. A rebuilt battery may be able to offer more range than a new battery since we use newer technology cells.

2. A rebuilt battery can convert older chemistries to lithium ion with increased energy density.

3. A rebuilt battery from EBike Marketplace comes with a full 12 month warranty.

4. A rebuilt battery re-uses your case so it's guaranteed to fit back in your bike, even if the manufacturer has changed specifications to a newer model.

5. A rebuilt battery is built with fresh, new cells.

A battery being sold as "new," may not necessarily be new. A dealer or distributor likely has to buy some minimum quantity to get the batteries shipped from overseas. They could be sitting in a warehouse or the shop for any length of time, months or years, before a customer comes along to purchase them.

We have cells coming in constantly and build all of our batteries to order, so your rebuilt battery is guaranteed to have the freshest cells possible for maximum life.


When your ready to have your battery rebuilt, just fill out our battery intake form and send us your battery, charger, and key (if that's needed to turn the battery on, not just lock it to the bike). We can certainly give you initial estimates first, but once we receive your battery, we can go over all of the rebuild options and price points.

We look forward to servicing your battery and getting you back on your wheels!