Batteries Section

Check out more information about the batteries we manufacture here at emp. vegas.

  • Rebuild - We can fix your old battery.
  • Naked - Shrink Wrapped Battery
  • Custom - Completely Unique battery build
  • Encased - Battery inside Case system

Rebuilt Battery Service Process

From a quality and safety point of view, we only use grade-A energy cells from LG Chem Brand.  If your battery was originally equipped with other (smaller) cells, it may be that the current residual charge no longer exactly matches the value that you see on the display.  With many batteries, the residual charge is displayed with 'blocks' or LEDs and usually, this indication becomes more accurate as the battery goes through more charge cycles.


How to place Order for Refurbish Battery

Customer Calls/emails/website search for the correct price and model of their rebuild. During the first step, search for your battery brand. When you have found the battery in the overview, click on the product to proceed to the order page.  Here you have the option to choose what the new capacity of your worn battery should be.


Battery Intake Process

The customer Fills out the Battery Intake form ( button on the home page ), print out the form, and ship it together with the ebike battery to emp vegas. After placing an order, you will receive detailed shipping instructions including contact details for our repair center.  Click on the blue-colored link, follow the instructions, and print out the lithium battery shipping label.


EMP Builds a High Quality Battery

EMP rebuilds the battery fast with high quality and name brand cells ensuring 2 year rebuild warranty ( custom is notified of process during refurb time). When the package has arrived at our repair center, the battery initially undergoes a short 'pre-test'.  If it turns out that the poor battery performance is due to wear of the energy cells, our repairers will proceed to overhaul.


EMP Returns Battery to Customer

Emp Ships the lithium battery directly to custom and if the battery doesn't work money is fully refundable. After the repair has been completed, you will receive instructions from us by e-mail on how to re-use the reconditioned battery. You must follow these instructions to bring the battery to its maximum capacity as soon as possible.  The first time you start cycling with the reconditioned battery, the battery is not yet at its maximum capacity.


Stages of a Naked Battery Build

  1. Step 1

    Stage 1 of Naked Battery build process is the Individual Battery cell testing

  2. Step 2

    Is the Intershell Build where we use cell spacers to reduce heat build up.

  3. Step 3

    is the cylindrical lithium ion cells where we use the best welding process per your battery application request.

  4. Step 4

    Is where we Discharge your battery to its BMS limits to ensure it can handle the demand (100A Max limit)

  5. Step 5

    Final stage of the nake battery process where we wrap the naked battery in a flame retartad shield.