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OEM Battery Support

Rechargeable Power Energy 

Our process is mainly batteries as we understand how important it is to maintain the battery on the light electric vehicle system. Our goal is to build US batteries here so that all of your support is here in america. We understand the importance behind the safety and knowledge about your batteries. Why should you chose RPE to be your American battery company vs China? Here are some things we value and we believe that will benefit you moving forward if you chose to partner with us for you batteries.  

  • Warranty we are able to repair any battery that we build for you here in america so your customer doesn't have to worry about choosing a whole new bike just because there is no service for that battery. We also handle everything so when you Sale your amazing bike and your customer is having issues with the battery we will take care of everything. 
  • Replacement you want have to worry about not having an option for your customer down the line when they need a new battery. Currently we replace batteries for companies like Polaris, A2B, Currie, E-moto, Gaint, and many more. This is not because these companies went out of business but mainly because as companies grow they also improve their products. This might mean a new bike design to fit the next generation of bikes which uses a different battery case. Here is where we come in as we can take any old case and either fix the battery or replace it completely. 
  • Process We build you a fresh battery every time you dont have to worry about your batteries losing voltage from sitting in a factory or losing power after being shipped over by sea we can help. There is a lot of steps we take in rebuilding your battery we have them outlined here --- Click Here 
  • Upgrade Lets be honest everyone in this business wants to go farther. Either it be the customer or the manufacture we all want the same goal. We understand this so we provide options to help you achieve this with your product by not only offering a longer lasting battery cell but we also upgrade your parts to match your demands. Did you know that even the best high capacity cell (Panasonic GA or LGMJ1 18650 cell) will not last long if the  Battery Management system is not working correctly. There are times where you just need to re balance a cell or two in order to save a battery.
  • Branding Just because we build the batteries doesn't mean we have to take full credit for it, if you want to have your product display your name we can provide cases custom design to display your name for your brand. 
  • Low Quantities Options Are you just thinking about getting starting a new project but dont want to order 20 - 40 batteries from china because of the minimum quantities order that was set? No worries you can order from us we can support both small and large orders of any customer and we will still offer you the same services. We also have bulk options as we have our own China team ready and waiting to help fulfill orders. 
  • Shipping Have you ever handle hazmat shipping before? If you have you know it is a lot when it comes to batteries and you want to ensure that it is being done correctly to avoid large fines! Let us handle all your batteries shipping needs and you just focus on your product.

We know that the biggest invest you have to make is normally the battery on any system as this can either make our break your product. We have options to help take you system to the next level and we want to help show you we can. Either you want something a special as our smart batteries option or just a small as adding a USB 5V supply we can handle it for you.