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We Specialize In Electric Bike Battery Replacement

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Over 10+ years serving as a Battery Manufacturer & service center In The U.S.

45 +

states serviced

40k +

batteries rebuilt from various manufacturers

About The Company

Welcome to EbikeMarketPlace, your premier destination for cutting-edge ebike battery solutions. At EMP, we specialize in manufacturing top-quality battery packs for ebikes, ensuring a reliable and efficient power source for your electric rides.

What sets us apart is our expertise in not only crafting brand-new battery packs but also in the intricate art of reverse-engineering and refurbishing batteries from companies that no longer provide replacements. Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge and employs specific practices that make us leaders in the industry.

Whether you're seeking a powerful new battery pack to enhance your ebike's performance or require a meticulous refurbishment for an old battery, EbikeMarketPlace is your trusted partner. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence, innovation, and sustainability in every battery solution we create.

Join the EMP and LEV community and experience the future of ebike power – where quality, reliability, and eco-friendly practices converge. Your journey to enhanced electric mobility begins here.

E-Bike Battery Service

We have over 10 years servicing various different manufacturer batteries from all across the world. We support many companies globally and provide customers with refurbished batteries for companies that are no longer in business.

E-Bike Service

We provide servicing for many different manfacturers and models here in-house, including custom builds and conversions. No project is too big or small, feel free to reach out with any of your build needs!

Batteries comparison

Rebuild Battery

  • EMP will rebuild your ebike battery using state of the art name-brand high capacity cells.
  • EMP will fix your rebuild 100% or you will receive a refund for your servicing.
  • EMP can provide the option to repair your ebike charger if it is deemed defective.
  • EMP can send a Battery Capacity report test verifying the capacity sold.
  • All of our Rebuilt Batteries come with a 1-year warranty.

New Battery

  • Choose the lithium brand and cell we use for your battery build!
  • Choose from the top Lithium brands: LG/Sanyo/Samsung/Sony/Molicel
  • Choose your own ebike battery case or design a new ebike case with us.
  • All New Batteries include a 1-year warranty and a capacity test report.
  • Options for High Drain cells/configurations for motors over 5000W+ (Max Load).

Do it yourself

Step 1 - Bike

Find a bike or frame that fits you best. Finding the right frame is important; depending on your height you will want to feel out the best frame for comfort, while considering durability and application/intended use.

Step 2 - Motor

Select the location where the frame can accommodate a motor. (Mid-Drive) Either, or both, wheels can be fitted with motors.(Front Hub or Rear Hub) Explore your options based off desired use and power! EMP can help if you don't know for sure, just give us a call. Allow our experts to give you advice on your custom Ebike Build!

Step 3 - Battery

Select the location you would like to place your electric bike battery on the frame or in a custom bag/case. Choose from various different styles of batteries. Narrowing down choices can be overwhelming with so many options; speak to one of our experts about your battery options!

Step 4 - Electrify

The final step is to choose the correct controller kit for your build. It is important you choose the right controller for your setup, to truly optimize your build. Choose easy quick disconnect cables and the battery connectors desired, based on your application.

Ebike Marketplace Show

Check out EMP's latest videos, created directly from the EMP staff room! Our goal has always been to educate the community about the rapidly-growing electric bike industry; at the heart of every bike is it's battery core. At EMP, we can help train customers and vendors with the help of our expert team right here in Las Vegas. Watch interviews with some of our top battery techs at the company in charge of refurbishing your Ebike Battery. See product review videos bringing you the latest battery tech in the industry today. Feel free to give us suggestions of the content you want to see from us!


Lithium-ion batteries are used in various applications and devices, including personal electric vehicles, and are subject to degrading performance with time. Sadly, many companies, products, and warranties will come and go as the entire world transitions to lithium-ion technology. We have been able to provide support to many customers over the years who otherwise would have no viable repair options for their products. Please feel free to reach out with any of your battery needs, we are here to help!

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Light Electric Vehicles

The light electric vehicle market is projected to grow from USD 78.5 billion in 2022 to USD 130.4 billion by 2028. Here are the current light EV's sold here at EMP.

  • Electric Bikes
  • Electric Motorcycle
  • Electric Scooters
  • Electric Skate Board
  • Electric Trikes
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Select the correct battery charger for you here. Choose between LIFEPO4 chargers and Li-Polymer systems ranging from 12V - 84V. Need a high speed high amperage charger? We have you covered!

  • We can replace/modify your battery connector.
  • We can repair most broken battery charger connectors.
  • Replace your old charger with a new charger and match your existing battery connector.

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EMP Extra's

We can support any ebike with parts here at EMP. No matter how rare an ebike is we can help you find a part that your ebike needs or we can modify parts to work for you.

  • E-bike Parts
  • E-bike Accessories
  • E-Battery Parts
  • E-Motor Parts
  • E-Charger Connectors
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Commonly Asked Questions about Rebuilding Your Battery

Lithium-Ion batteries are very sensitive components that require maintenance to provide a long life-span. Most issues that arise with battery packs are from a lack of user maintanence and care. We can provide tips and tricks that will prolong your battery life that other manufacturers never disclose to clients.

A battery being sold as "new," may not necessarily be new. A dealer or distributor likely has to buy some minimum quantity to get the batteries shipped from overseas. They could be sitting in a warehouse or the shop for any length of time, months, or years before a customer comes along to purchase them. Most ebike lithium batteries start to deteriorate after 3 - 6 months of nonusage.

We have mastered our rebuild service and can provide quick turnarounds; though depending on the season we become bombarded with work. We strive to keep our lead times under 2 weeks, but in peak season we can see servicing lead times spike up to 8 weeks. We are happy to provide expedited service if possible; please reach out to discuss if you're working with a tight schedule.

EbikeMarketPlace has been a key player in the e-bike industry for over 10+ years. We have serviced thousands of batteries from many manufacturers, working with small customers and major manufactures alike. We rebuild using only quality cells from the top cell manufacturers and stand behind all of our products!

At EMP, all of our batteries are made right here in the U.S. at our Nevada manufacturing facility. Each one of our batteries are hand-built, to order, with only top quality cells and very strict quality control standards. We receive large batches of fresh grade-A cells directly from manufacturers every couple of months, ensuring our batteries last longer than the competitors. We are also one of the few that can build batteries from 12V all the way up to 84V! You will find plenty of cheaper batteries online, but you will not find the support and quality of our batteries matched anywhere.

business to business

We are here to help both small and big businesses alike in growing their business to support E-bike sales and servicing. We can help train your employees or support you as a full servicing center for parts and battery repairs. Please feel free to inquire regarding our Dealer Programs and Training Plans.

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