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IZIP Via Urbano Battery Replacement

Currie Tech's IZIP Via Urbano is a great little folding bicycle with an assist to help you get where your going. The original battery is similarly small to fit inside the frame, 24V 5.0Ah and utilizes polymer cells. These are...

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IZIP eFlow E3 Nitro and Flight Battery Replacement

Currie Tech released this innovative seat tube battery under their IZIP brand with the eFlow E3 Nitro and Flight models. These batteries run at 36V 10.7Ah (387Wh) or were upgraded to 14.5Ah (522Wh). Internally, they have 50 individual cells arranged...

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Vintage E-bikes Battery Replacement

Vintage Electric Bikes Battery Replacement

Do you have a Vintage E-bike and have a battery that's losing range? We offer a full battery rebuild service to replace the cells inside your pack! It works like this: 1. Fill out our Battery Intake Form and send us...

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