Lithium-Ion Battery Services

Lithium-ion batteries are used for various applications and apparatus, including personal electric vehicles, are subject to degrading performance. Many companies, products, and warranties will come and go as the world transitions to lithium-ion technology. Therefore, if you find yourself without support, we are here to help!

In 2012 we established ourselves in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since then, we've specialized in lithium-ion batteries and have grown to support a wide array of similar technologies. We accept custom new build configurations and offer refurbish and rebuild services for an ever-growing lithium-ion battery market. We back our services with a comprehensive 1-year warranty and perform all repairs in our facility in the domestic United States.

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Rechargeable Power Energy also operates two subsidiaries, EBike Marketplace and Energie Cycle. Together we provide a full spectrum of solutions to consumers and partners alike. Contact us at to learn more about the authorized dealer and equipment manufacturer partnership programs.

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