A2B Li-ion Electric Bike Battery Cell Replacement Service

A2B Metro and IZIP E3 Ultra Battery Replacement

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A2B Battery Cell Replacement Service

Send us your A2B e-bike battery and let us repair, upgrade, and replace the cells to get it running better than new! We can rebuild both main and secondary batteries. The main battery is a banana shaped case that is in the downtube of the bike while the secondary battery is rectangular and slides on to a rear rack. We use fresh, grade A cells to get your ride performing like new or even better! We have plenty of cell options to meet your balance between price and performance.

A2B Metro, Octave, Velociti Battery

We can take care of most A2B models including the Metro, Speed, Velociti, Octave, Ferber, Kuo+, and Shima to name a few. We can generally upgrade either the main or secondary battery up to 36V 21Ah giving you almost 60% more range!

Don't get left at the start line if your battery's dead. We're here to continue to support discontinued e-bike models. Fill out a Battery Intake Form and let's get you back on the road. We warranty our batteries for 12 months. We'll even recycle your old batteries for you!

Submitting payment online reserves your spot in our production line. You still need to send the battery and charger in using our Battery Intake Form so we can service your rebuild.

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