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Battery Recycle

Here is where you can find out how to recycle all lithium batteries correctly please send all ebike batteries that you no longer want to our location and we will break the batteries down and recycle the battery cells. 


You do not have to open the battery case please just leave the battery the way it is and we will handle the rest also please right inside the box that this is a recycled battery. 


NSTRUCTIONS FOR SHIPPING: Please send the BATTERY, CHARGER, and KEY (if needed to power battery on) in a corrugated box. Bubble wrap the battery and secure it so it won't move around inside the box during transit. Please do not use packing peanuts. Newspaper is fine. Thank you!! 

Seal up your container and securely label with the DANGEROUS GOODS LABEL on the outside of your package. Ship via GROUND, via FedEx or UPS. Its best to call ahead to the shipping center and make sure they are able to ship Lithium. We will email you a quote/invoice after receiving your battery.

Fillable PDF of Battery Intake Form




Send Ground To:
Ebike Market Place
6585 South Arville Street, Suite A
Las Vegas, Nevada 89118