Lyric Motion Electric Scooter Battery Repair

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Lyric Motion electric scooter and board battery replacement

We are experts in rebuilding and repairing battery packs for Lyric Motion electric scooters! This includes the RUN3R, XOV3R, RNG3R, CRZ3R, and GLF3R models. If you're batteries aren't giving you the range they once were or not working at all (gasp!) and you need a replacement, we have you covered. Check out our options for Lyric battery rebuilds.

These Lyric e-board batteries are fundamentally the same as any of the e-bike batteries that we build, re-build, and repair so you can trust our expertise. Even better, we have multiple options we can supply giving you a direct replacement or even an upgrade for more power and range. We have LiFePO4, lithium ion 18650's, and lithium polymer pouch cells to meet various needs and price points.

Lyric 48V lithium ion battery replacement

Just fill out our Battery Intake Form and send us your old Lyric batteries to get riding again. We warranty our batteries for a full 12 months. Feel free to call us if you have any questions. We'll even recycle your old battery for you!

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@Hector – Yes! We’re still rebuilding Lyric battery packs:

EBike Marketplace,

Good afternoon, are you still repairing lyric batteries?

Hector M Palacios,

@Robinson – We would be happy to rebuild and upgrade your batteries. Please send them to us along with our Battery Intake Form linked on the bottom left of our page.

EBike Marketplace,

I need battery replace for Brazil (SÃO Paulo)
+55 11 96741-4822 WhattsApp


@Jesus – You just need a generic Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) charger with the correct plug. Unfortunately, we do not have any of these.

EBike Marketplace,

You know we’re I can get a charger for batteries mine broke I can’t find one any were.

Jesus Lopez,

@Robyn – Please send in your batteries with our Battery Intake Form.

EBike Marketplace,

I have a lyric RUN3Rx with a bad battery. What do I do to send it to you for repair!


@Liz – Unfortunately, we don’t stock new or replacement batteries for Lyrics. We only rebuild existing ones.

EBike Marketplace,

Looking for he batteries for a 2011 Lyric RNG3Rx
Left to me by my dads estate
Never used.
No old batteries on scooter
What is the cost to replace?

Liz ,

@William – You can find our current pricing information here:

EBike Marketplace,

Hi my name is William. I am handicapped suffering from MS and I used to use my lyric all the time to go to the store go down to get the mail take care of my animals but all six of my batteries are dead and will not charge can you give me an approximate price to replace the batteries in at least four batteries?

William Pollard,

Hi Ron, you can find more information regarding pricing of our Lyric rebuilds here:

EBike Marketplace,

How much is a set of Batteries ? Lyric Batteries and charger.

Ron Spann,

@Edgie: There are a several potential causes for your issues. In order to pinpoint the cause, it would be necessary for us to do a diagnosis in house. You can use the Battery Intake Form (link on bottom of page, left column) to send us the battery and we’ll be happy to look into it for you.


I just bought 2 Lyric batteries (24V/10AH). One of them goes into some kind of fold-back current limiting after several seconds of riding it. The battery is fully charged. The voltage indicator shows zero. If I pull the battery and re-insert it, it shows full charge and works for another several seconds and then goes dead again. I know it’s the battery because it does the same on a second bike. It sounds like the controller inside the pack. Do you know anything about this symptom?


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