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      Our battery cell replacement service is for replacing the cells inside your battery to get them working better than new! These are battery rebuilds only, the bike is not included in our battery refill service. Simply just mail in any equipment that came with your battery as well as the charger from there we will test the battery to see its current condition but the charger is needed in the testing process. After we receive it, we will send you a 100% tested Refilled Higher Capacity Battery Pack to you.

      These battery packs were used on a number of eZee e-bike models, such as the Quando, as well as the Hebb Electroglide. Other bike brands such as Pathfinder also used this design.

      Submitting payment online reserves your spot in our production line. You still need to send the battery and charger in using our Battery Intake Form so we can service your rebuild.

      Every battery comes with a 1 Year Warranty !!! 

      500 - 800 cycles on every battery

      ***Always remember to include your charger when shipping your battery and make sure you fill out the battery intake form. 

      Battery Intake form

      Ezee e-bike battery replacement

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