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EMP Shark 1 | Ebike Lithium Battery


Capacity (Ah)
    Product Specs
  • Variant: 24V / 7Ah
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  • In Stock: 30
  • Weight: 8.0 lb
  • Product Type: Battery
  • Brand: EBikeMarketplace
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Our EMP Shark 1 battery is a widely used e-bike battery case, similar to the popular Hailong G52 case, but has a much stronger base in comparison! This battery can be used for most bikes as it has a slim height profile, and the mounting bracket can be installed on your stock water bottle mounting location. The battery case can lock inside of any frame and can also be removed for safety or if you are looking to buy an extra battery to interchange for extra range

Battery Specifications:

  • Made in USA
  • Built with choice of certified grade-A cells from Name-Brand Manufacturers   
  • Battery options ranging from 24V-63V 
  • Capacity options from 6Ah-24.5Ah
  • Powerful BMS options rated from 15A-60A Continuous Discharge 
  • Compatible with many different motor types and sizes
  • Includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty

Please Note: Custom voltage and capacity combinations not listed here may be also be offered, please reach out if you need help configuring a custom battery for your build!


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