Sondors Bullet Battery Rebuild 36V 14Ah


Do you want more range out of your Sondors e-bike? We can upgrade the Sondors Bullet battery found on many of their models: Fat Tire Original, Thin, or X bikes. Take advantage of our expertise and rebuild services! We use name brand 18650 cells to upgrade the battery to 36V 14Ah. If you have other voltage/capacity requirements, don't hesitate to contact us!

  1. Fill out our Battery Intake Form
  2. Send us your battery and charger using the Dangerous Goods label on the form
  3. We will contact you regarding your options and rebuild your battery

Paying online will reserve your spot in the production line. We can make adjustments to your invoice as necessary once we assess your battery.

Please select Hazmat shipping upon checkout. Failure to do so may result in a balance being invoiced to you.

All of our rebuilds are backed by our 12 month warranty!