A2B Metro and IZIP E3 Ultra Battery Replacement

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A2B Metro and IZIP E3 Ultra Battery Replacement

We can replace, repair, and upgrade your main battery for the A2B Metro and IZIP Ultra e-bikes, or any other model that uses this banana-style case. We use fresh, grade A cells to get your ride performing like new or even better! We have plenty of cell options to meet your balance between price and performance.

A2B Metro, Octave, Velociti Battery

We also take care of the rectangular secondary batteries for all A2B models including the Metro, Speed, Velociti, and Octave to name a few. We can upgrade these to 36V 21Ah giving you almost 60% more range!

Don't get left at the start line if your battery's dead. We're here to continue to support discontinued e-bike models. We can rebuild battery packs for the IZIP Urban Cruiser Enlightened, IZIP Trekking Enlightened, IZIP E3 Ultra and IZIP E3 Metro. Fill out a Battery Intake Form and let's get you back on the road. We warranty our batteries for 12 months. We'll even recycle your old batteries for you!


  • EbikeMarketPlace

    @Adam Cameron, Thank you for your inquiry. We can definitely rebuild all A2B batteries and we have various pricing options depending on the performance you want; i.e. if you want an upgrade and by how much. Please call us for more information or send your battery in using the Battery Intake Form linked in the post.

  • Adam Cameron

    I have an 09 a2b

    the internal and external batteries are bad I was inquiring as to how much it would cost for a rebuild

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