Schwinn Tailwind E-bike Battery Replacement

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Schwinn Tailwind e-bike battery replacement

One of our specialties is being able to replace and repair e-bike batteries that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. Recently, we've had a few Schwinn Tailwind batteries come through the shop and we rebuild them as 24 V 10 Ah batteries using fresh lithium polymer cells to get it running like new again. The Tailwind originally came out in 2009 and had about a 30 mile range with the battery. If degradation has led to an unacceptable range decrease, let us rebuild your battery so you can cover the distances you need without anxiety. Check out our Schwinn battery rebuild options!

Don't let a drained battery ruin your fun if the bike and motor still work! All we need is your old battery and charger (to ensure compatibility) and we can get you back on your wheels! Give us a call or fill in a Battery Intake Form to get started today. We warranty our batteries for 12 months. We'll even recycle your old battery for you!

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@Olav – We don’t recommend changing the voltage, but we can increase the Ah rating to give you more range.

EBike Marketplace,


I have got at Schwinn Urban Tunes city geometry. Limited 6000 series Aluminium

I do need a new battery, hopefulle stronger if possible (36 V?), and a charger.

Is that possible?


Olav Sollid
Furumarka 16b
5911 Alversund

Olav Sollid,

@Roger – Our current pricing can be found here:

EBike Marketplace,

How much for a new bsttery&charger thankyou roger

Roger speck,

@Eduardo – We can rebuild/upgrade your battery and provide a new charger.

EBike Marketplace,

I have a battery Tailwind 24v 4,2 Ah lithium Ion
From the beginning of his life until today it only has a range of 13 km.
Today I have burned the charger and I wonder if it is better to repair the battery and the charger or buy everything new.
What do you think about?
Thank you very much

Eduardo ,

@Jose – Please send us a picture of the plug you need on your charger and we’ll see if we have something that matches.

EBike Marketplace,

Just bought a Schwinn tailwind with a Protanium BP-L2410 SH1 lithium ion polymer battery pack 26.6 VDC 10 ah —266Wh. I had it working but misplaced the charger . Have not been able to locate it . How much is a replacement charger?? Thank you Jose My address is 468 Marvin Blvd North Mankato, MN 56003 phone 507-3807127.

Jose Crespo,

@David – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your battery for you.

EBike Marketplace,

My Scwwinn Tailwind battery immediately is green on recharge but does not recharge. It is recommended to be rebuilt. How much to rebuild the battery? I have recharger and all components.

David Lewandowski,

@Cheryl – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your Schwinn battery for you.

EBike Marketplace,

I have a Schwinn Tailwind ebike battery 24VDC, 4.2Ah that needs to be rebuilt. What is your current charge? I still have the charger.

Cheryl Ryan,

@Bill – Please send your batteries in. We’d be happy to rebuild/upgrade them for you.

EBike Marketplace,

From your comments I see you are still doing the battery replacement for the Schwinn Tailwind. I have two, one I need rebuilt and one that is up for grabs (still needs to be rebuilt). Looking into getting one rebuilt by EMP.

Bill Wentz,

@Howard – We have 24V chargers available. Please send us a picture of the plug so we can get you the right one.

EBike Marketplace,

I have the schwinn BP-L2410EH2 lithium battery pack. its 29.4VDC—-10ah

I lost gthe charger, where can I find a replacement charger or even a whole new battery and charger. I am looking to try to get it before mothers day for my wife-help please

Howard Pollack,

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