Schwinn Tailwind E-bike Battery Replacement

One of our specialties is being able to replace and repair e-bike batteries that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. Recently, we've had a few Schwinn Tailwind batteries come through the shop and we rebuild them as 24 V 10 Ah batteries using fresh lithium polymer cells to get it running like new again. The Tailwind originally came out in 2009 and had about a 30 mile range with the battery. If degradation has led to an unacceptable range decrease, let us rebuild your battery so you can cover the distances you need without anxiety. Check out our Schwinn battery rebuild options!

Don't let a drained battery ruin your fun if the bike and motor still work! All we need is your old battery and charger (to ensure compatibility) and we can get you back on your wheels! Give us a call or fill in a Battery Intake Form to get started today. We warranty our batteries for 12 months. We'll even recycle your old battery for you!

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Carol - March 26, 2019

I have a Schwinn campus electric bike and the. Battery is cracked on the bottom and won’t work,

Do you think it can be repaired or not? Do you carry any replacement batteries?

EBike Marketplace - September 12, 2018

@Tom – Yes, it looks like a similar battery. Look for our Battery Intake Form for shipping instructions.

Tom Wyckoff - September 12, 2018

How much to rebuild a world gse battery I have the battery. How to ship it thank you

EBike Marketplace - July 16, 2018

@Milton – FedEx and UPS are preferred over USPS and we can definitely upgrade your battery for longer range.

Milton - July 16, 2018

I ’m interested in having my Tailwind battery rebuilt; the deterioration of range is bothersome. A few questions before I ship it. Do you recommend any particular shipper? Will this rebuild attain or surpass the original distance spec of 30 miles? And what about the original Tailwind motor, can you also upgrade it. That would be great!! What would that cost? Once I ship, how soon before I get it back?

BTW, do you know of other Tailwind riders who have spare parts available from unusable bikes? I need a replacement chain guard/cover and hub cap.

Thanks. Looking forward.

EBike Marketplace - July 5, 2018

@Ella, Unfortunately, we do not know of any place where you can buy new batteries. Every now and then, we’ll get a used case in that someone doesn’t want back, so check with us periodically.

Ella - July 5, 2018

Where Can I buy a new battery for my Tailwind elctic bike? My other old was stolen.

EBike Marketplace - May 25, 2018

@Rees, you should be able to use any 24V lithium ion charger as long as the connector matches up.

Rees - May 24, 2018

Hi there, do you happen to know where I could find the charger for this battery/bike? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks!

EBike Marketplace - April 28, 2018

Hi Lisa, you can find more details regarding our Schwinn rebuilds here:

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