Electric Trikke Battery Replacement

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Trikke 48V lithium ion battery replacement

Do you need a new battery for your electric Trikke? We've got you covered! Don't let our name fool you, we can service batteries for all types of light electric vehicles. Whether you have the Tribred Pon-E, Pon-E Lite, Freedom, or Colt, we can rebuild, replace, and upgrade your pack for more power and range. Check out our options here! We use brand new, grade A lithium ion cells so you're guaranteed a fresh pack, just one way our rebuilt batteries are better than new!

Trikke 36V lithium ion battery replacement

We also warranty all of our batteries for 12 months! Just fill out our Battery Intake Form and send us your old battery and charger. We'll work with you to get you the performance you want at a price you'll love. We'll even recycle your old batteries for you!

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@Colton – Start with some lubrication first, but we’ll email you some other ideas too.

EBike Marketplace,

I have a blue trikke Pon-e. My ignition will not turn past the locking position to lock it in and start. Can you help me?

Colton Young,

Good Morning …
Please send me a quote on rebuilding my Trikke 36v Pon-E battery

Thank you,

Javier Esqueda,

@Kurt – We’d be happy to rebuild/upgrade your battery for you, but we do not stock new/replacement ones.

EBike Marketplace,

I have 3 Trikke Freedom carvers. I need three batteries, but only have one to send for rebuild. I can send one for rebuild, but would like to buy two more new or rebuild batteries if possible.

Kurt Southam,

@Matthew – Our current prices for Trikke rebuilds can be found here:


EBike Marketplace,

I have a dead Trikke Freedom battery that needs to be rebuilt. Can you provide me with an estimate. Greatly appreciated!

Matthew Hardy,

@Russell – If your battery is reading zero, it’s probably dead and would need a full rebuild:


EBike Marketplace,

not sure what the problem is if it’s battery . We get green light fully charged?? No light when we plug in battery to pon-e 36v trikke?? Any help appreciated also put meter to positive and negative had 0 reading?

Russell Offman,

@Edwin – We only rebuild existing batteries. We do not stock new/replacement Trikke batteries. But we can ship worldwide.

EBike Marketplace,

Hello ,

Do you ship rebuild E-Trikke batteries to Dubai (United Arab Emirates)…?
If so how much would it cost ?
If not , can you recommend any local companies that rebuild these battery packs…?

Thank you.

Edwin de Roode,

@Ed – The rebuild cost will be similar, although we prefer to re-use as much of the original battery as possible so we don’t have to charge you for new parts. We can usually upgrade the battery to 12-14Ah.

EBike Marketplace,

I have 36 volt Trikke packs. Please provide the following costs. Shipping will be to 32141

1. Cost if I remove the lithium cells and send you the housing

2. Cost if I send you the complete old battery.

3. What is the maximum amphours you can provide?

Ed Koplin,

@Brent: We don’t sell new batteries, but we can rebuild your old one with potential upgrade options.

EBike Marketplace,

I own a 48v trikke pon-e and my battery needs to be replaced. Do you sell these? How much w/ shipping to California?

Brent R Reisender,

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