IZIP eFlow E3 Nitro and Flight Battery Replacement

Posted on February 14 2018

Currie Tech released this innovative seat tube battery under their IZIP brand with the eFlow E3 Nitro and Flight models. These batteries run at 36V 10.7Ah (387Wh) or were upgraded to 14.5Ah (522Wh). Internally, they have 50 individual cells arranged in a 10S 5P configuration. What does this mean for you? It means we can upgrade your pack all the way up to 36V 17.5Ah (630Wh), giving you over a 60% increase in range, just one way rebuilt batteries are better than new!

IZIP eFlow Nitro Battery

We use only fresh, grade A cells and warranty our rebuilds for 12 months. If you need your eFlow E3 Nitro or Flight battery upgraded and replace, fill out our Battery Intake Form and let us rebuild your pack!


  • EBike Marketplace: May 26, 2020

    @Edgar – Unfortunately, we do not stock replacement Nitro batteries.

  • Edgar: May 26, 2020

    Someone stole the battery on my e3 nitro do sell replacements?
    and what the cost would be? thanks.

  • EBike Marketplace: May 07, 2020

    @Billy – Please send it in to us. We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade it.


  • Billy: May 07, 2020

    I think my battery needs replaced. Its a currie tech e3 nitro eflow.

  • EBike Marketplace: April 13, 2020

    @Ed – Most of the E3 Nitro batteries can be upgraded to 36V 17.5Ah.

  • Ed Williams: April 13, 2020

    I think my E3 Nitro battery may need replacement as I’m getting an over current code on hill climbs between 15-16 miles and the battery is 5 years old. Not sure which capacity battery I have – I suspect the smaller 10.7 one. If it’s the 10.7 – what can it be upgraded to?

  • EBike Marketplace: April 09, 2020

    @Anthony – We’ll send you a few things you can check out.

  • Anthony : April 09, 2020

    I’m trying to charge my battery for my e3 nitro and it doesn’t seem to be charging. Is there a way to see if it’s a bad battery?

  • EBike Marketplace: December 23, 2019

    @Alvaro – We can rebuild your battery if you send it in to us, but we do not have new or replacement ones.

  • ALVARO PENA: December 23, 2019

    I live in Colombia, I need to buy a eFlow E3 Nitro Bactery Replacement.
    Can you help me?
    Please send me the commercial conditions


  • EBike Marketplace: December 05, 2019

    @Sam – Our current pricing can be found here: https://ebikemarketplace.com/products/currie-i-zip-e-bike-battery-replacement?variant=39456387333

  • Sam Rubinfeld: December 05, 2019

    what is the cost to rebuild a currie e flow E3NITRO 36v 14.5Ah battery?

  • EBike Marketplace: December 03, 2019

    @Juan – We do not have LCD screens for eFlow bikes.

  • Juan rios: December 03, 2019

    I have a e3 eflow nitro bike I cracked my lcd screen I have the stand but I need the screen how much r they

  • EBike Marketplace: October 30, 2019

    @John – Our current pricing can be found here:


  • john: October 30, 2019

    what is the cost to rebuild a currie e flow flight battery?

  • EBike Marketplace: October 23, 2019

    @Steve – We do not carry new or replacement batteries for iZip bikes.

  • Steve Ewing: October 23, 2019

    I own the 2017/2018 iZip Protour E3 ebike. TranzX Curie BL18 integrated in tube battery. I’ve been riding extended rides and usually carry my charger to complete planned rides. I find this inefficient as I have to stop and recharge. Do you carry the BL18 battery as I would like to have a second battery to swap out when I ride extended distances.

  • EBike Marketplace: October 16, 2019

    @Felipe – We can rebuild your existing battery if you send it in to us an upgrade it to 36V 17.5Ah.

  • Felipe Abreu: October 16, 2019

    Hey There, I need a battery replacement with longer range, for the eflow. The seat+battery. Can u provide me with quote? I am in this 98801 zipcode. Thanks very much.

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