IZIP Via Urbano Battery Replacement

Currie Tech's IZIP Via Urbano is a great little folding bicycle with an assist to help you get where your going. The original battery is similarly small to fit inside the frame, 24V 5.0Ah and utilizes polymer cells. These are more prone to failure as they will expand and contract every time they are charged and discharged. The good news is we can rebuild these battery packs using brand new, durable 18650 cells. We can even offer an upgrade up to 24V 14Ah more than doubling your ride time between charges!

IZIP Via Urbano Electric E-Bike Battery Replacement Upgrade

We warranty all of our rebuilds for a full 12 months. Contact us for current pricing information. Don't spend $400 on a new battery with only 5.0Ah. We'll upgrade it for cheaper than that! Send in your Via Urbano battery with the Battery Intake Form to get you back on your wheels!

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