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Plastic Case Holders Vs Glued 18650 cells

Posted on June 07 2019


  • EBike Marketplace: August 30, 2019

    @James – Please check our current pricing for Polaris rebuilds here: https://ebikemarketplace.com/products/polaris-e-bike-battery-replacement?variant=8035110027294

  • James A Casper: August 30, 2019

    I have a Polaris Terrain ebike. How much would it cost to rebuild the battery. What kind if possible upgrades could be done?

  • EBike Marketplace: June 18, 2019

    @Robert – We can rebuild and upgrade your battery. We’ll be in touch with our current pricing.

  • Robert: June 18, 2019

    Good evening,

    I am possibly about to purchase a new electric bike tomorrow for the first time. I know nothing when it comes to electric (volts, amps, watts) bikes…

    I am curious to know, could I swap out the battery it currently has for something a little bit bigger to make it faster or to go further distances than it already does? .

    The bike has;

    48 Volts 11.6 Li-ion Samsung Detachable Battery
    here is a link below to it’s website if you need to see something else to assist me.


    If I can replace it, how much would it be to build me something bigger and better?

    Thank you so much for your time,


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