R Martin E-Bike Battery Cell Replacement Service

Posted on January 31 2019

R Martin Ebike Battery

We can rebuild and upgrade all of the R Martin E-bike batteries whether they are rear rack mounted or slide in behind the seatpost tube. If your battery is losing power and not giving you as much range as it once was, let us take care of it and get it running better than new!

R Martin E-Bike Battery

We can replace all of the cells inside with brand new, state of the art lithium ion 18650's. This can upgrade your capacity, increasing your range and ride time over the original specification. The battery above was originally 36V 14Ah in a 10S 7P configuration, but we are able to increase that all the way to 36V 21Ah!

We can also take care of their other rear rack mounted battery, upgrading it to at least 36V 14Ah.

All of our rebuilds are backed by our 1 year warranty. Don't let a dead battery keep you off your wheels, contact us today!


  • EBike Marketplace: February 20, 2019

    @Tristan – It’s easier for us if you send us the case so we can rebuild the battery inside of it, guaranteeing it will fit back in your bike.

  • Tristan Edwards: February 20, 2019

    Hi I need a 48 volt x20 amh battery rear rack mounted battery I have a rack already where the old battery is that is almost dead so I need a price on a replacement I have 250 watt bafang front hub the controller is inside the rear battery pack which may have to be changed the case size of my existing battery is 150mm wide x 60mm high x 440 mm long I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia postcode 3190 adress 3/395 Highett rd Highett. The kit I bought off Ebay and I’m deciding weather I buy a whole new kit or put a new battery in once I get your price delivered to my house. Thankyou kindly Tristan Edwards.

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