TranzX Battery Cell Replacement Service

Posted on October 18 2018

Raleigh TranzX BL07 Battery

TranzX is a company that makes parts for a number of e-bike manufacturers, including batteries. When the battery dies though, replacements can be tough to come by. That's why we offer our rebuild service! Send in your battery, we replace all of the cells while re-using your case (so it's guaranteed to fit back in your bike), and send it back to you! Often, we can upgrade the capacity to give you longer ride time as well!

TranzX BL17

Here's the popular TranzX BL17 model battery that's used on iZip E3 Dash, E3 Peak, and E3 Sumo model bikes, along with the Raleigh Tekoa, Route, and Misceo, among others. It fits on the downtube. We can upgrade these from 417 Wh to 504 Wh with our 10.5 Ah rebuild.

Raleigh Sprite Battery

This is the TranzX BL07, a rear rack model, that Raleigh used on some of their electric bikes like the Retroglide, Superbe, and Sprint. We can also upgrade these to 10.5 Ah using our rebuild service.


  • EBike Marketplace: October 01, 2019

    @Richard – Not sure if the charger needs the thermistor input to operate. Otherwise, you can just wire up the + and – wires to whatever connector you want.

  • Richard Lindgren: October 01, 2019

    Is there a way to turn a 3 wire TransX BL17 XLR-type charger into a regular two-wire? I understand the extra wire is for a thermistor in the BMS. I am done with the battery and would like to use the charger at work for a different 13s battery with an XT-60 charging plug. 3v between green/black, 5v green/white. The wires in the charger are white VOUT+ (connects to red in TransX battery), black VOUT-(black in battery), and green VOUT-NTC (blue in battery, connected to thermistor from BMS). Any help would be most appreciated. I hate to throw the charger away. Thanks in advance. -Richard

  • EBike Marketplace: September 24, 2019

    @James – Our current pricing can be found here:

  • James Nickels: September 24, 2019

    We have a TranzX pst 48v that died what is the price to fix it and how do we go about sending it to you?

  • EBike Marketplace: September 19, 2019

    @Judy – We will be in touch with our pricing, but it depends on the specifications of the battery.

  • JUDY SWOISH: September 19, 2019

    How much will it cost to replace a BL03 battery as mine on completely dead

  • EBike Marketplace: September 18, 2019

    @Barry – We can rebuild your TranzX BL-18 battery. Please send it to us with our Battery Intake Form.

  • Barry: September 18, 2019

    TranzX Bl18 Little bit fix battery

  • EBike Marketplace: September 04, 2019

    @Eric – Our current pricing for TranzX BL-07 rebuilds with an upgrade to 10.5Ah can be found here:

  • Eric Strain: September 04, 2019

    I have a Transx BL07 type/model, 48v 8.8AH(42WH) and it will not hold a charge. I am interested in having it rebuilt, what would this cost? THank you, Eric

  • EBike Marketplace: August 26, 2019

    @Alex – We will be in touch with our current pricing and lead times.

  • Alexander Daly: August 26, 2019

    i have a 48v 8.7 ah 418 Wh BL 17 tranzX LI-ion battery 131NR 19/66-3

    how much and how long to re-build this battery and return to me?

  • EBike Marketplace: August 23, 2019

    @Dave – All of our information can be found on our Battery Intake Form:

  • Dave Rockey: August 23, 2019

    I live in Somerset , United Kingdom ; where would I need to send a tranzx BL07 battery for it to be rebuilt ? If it needed to be sent abroad it might work out expensive

  • EBike Marketplace: August 21, 2019

    @Daniel – Our current pricing can be found here:

  • daniel leary: August 21, 2019

    My Raleigh bike battery is very low:

    TranzX PST E-Bike Battery 48v

    how much $ to fix or replace?

  • EBike Marketplace: July 30, 2019

    @Sue – Our current TranzX PST rebuild pricing can be found here:

  • Sue davis: July 30, 2019

    I have an izip 48 volt battery trans x pst. It is old and doesn’t get much range What is the process by which I can send it to you to be rebuilt and approximately what is the cost It looks just like the one on your site

  • EBike Marketplace: June 26, 2019

    @Stephen – We can rebuild and upgrade the TranzX BL07. We’ll be in touch with our current pricing.

  • Stephen Miller: June 26, 2019

    I have a TranzX BL07 bike battery how much would it cost to replace or rebuild?
    Li-ion 13icr19/66-4
    Xw R2 48v 8.8AH 422wh

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