TranzX Battery Cell Replacement Service

TranzX is a company that makes parts for a number of e-bike manufacturers, including batteries. When the battery dies though, replacements can be tough to come by. That's why we offer our rebuild service! Send in your battery, we replace all of the cells while re-using your case (so it's guaranteed to fit back in your bike), and send it back to you! Often, we can upgrade the capacity to give you longer ride time as well!

TranzX BL17

Here's the popular TranzX BL17 model battery that's used on iZip E3 Dash, E3 Peak, and E3 Sumo model bikes, along with the Raleigh Tekoa, Route, and Misceo, among others. It fits on the downtube. We can upgrade these from 417 Wh to 504 Wh with our 10.5 Ah rebuild.

Raleigh Sprite Battery

This is the TranzX BL07, a rear rack model, that Raleigh used on some of their electric bikes like the Retroglide, Superbe, and Sprint. We can also upgrade these to 10.5 Ah using our rebuild service.

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EBike Marketplace - April 16, 2019

@Mila – We do not have any new or used BL-07 batteries for sale. We only rebuild existing ones.

EBike Marketplace - April 16, 2019

@Susan – Our current BL-07 pricing can be found here:

Mila - April 16, 2019

Witam, szukam używanej bateria bl07 psy.

Susan Foulsham - April 16, 2019

I have a Tranzx BL07 battery 36v 8.8AH It is over 4yrs old what are your prices for a rebuild

EBike Marketplace - April 9, 2019

@Patrick – Yes, we can rebuild TranzX PST batteries like the ones pictured on this page. We will be in touch with our current pricing.

Patrick Cook - April 9, 2019

I have an iZip E3 Path+ 2015 with a Tranzx pst izip 48v li-ion battery. Can you refurbish the battery? If so, what is the cost and what is the procedure?

Thank you!

Pat Cook

EBike Marketplace - April 5, 2019

@Kelvin – We will be in touch with our current pricing.

Kelvin Green - April 5, 2019

How much to fix and rebuild a tranzx 48v

EBike Marketplace - April 1, 2019

@John – We will contact you with our current pricing.

John Wilson - April 1, 2019

CAn you give a price for a rebuild of a Tranzx battery from an Ave Tour CH, about 6 years old, 36V 11amp Type JD PST

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