Scooter Battery Cell Replacement Service

With the proliferation of electric scooters, both for shared transportation (like Lime, Bird, and Scoot) and personal use, we've seen an increase in requests about their batteries. Yes, we can rebuild these as well! As long as you can remove the battery pack and send it in to us, we'll have our trained technicians assess, repair, and/or rebuild these batteries to get you back on your wheels!

We've even converted older lead acid systems like in the Uberscoot models and well as slim fit batteries housed in any of the structural tubes of the scooter. We've looked at a few of the re-branded Xiami scooters too. One of the more recent trends has also been in mini e-bikes like iRide4Me.

We can potential upgrade your battery as well to give you even longer riding time between charges with minimal added weight. We use fresh, grade A quality cells to ensure peak performance of your battery.

Don't let a dead or underperforming battery keep you from riding. Contact us today!

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