eZee / Hebb Battery Cell Replacement Service

Posted on October 18 2018

eZee Hebb electric e-bike battery

We can rebuild and upgrade batteries for the eZee Cadence, eZee Sprint, and Hebb Electroglide model e-bikes. Just because eZee is overseas and Hebb is out of business doesn't mean you're out of luck. We're here to help get you back on the road!

eZee Cadence Sprint Hebb Electroglide battery

We can rebuild these up to 36V 14Ah, typically good for an impressive 30 miles of range! All of our rebuilds also come with a full 12 month warranty!

So if you're battery's drained or won't charge up any more, send it in to us (with our Battery Intake Form) and let us get your wheels spinning again!


  • EBike Marketplace: July 14, 2020

    @Paula – We can rebuild your battery now and will be in touch with further information.

  • Paula: July 14, 2020

    I have Pathfinder bike whose battery needs replacing or rebuilding, but it looks like the Pathfinder battery rebuilds are not available now? Would there be a way to be notified when that is available again?

    Also, with the original battery, it had to always be charged, so if one didn’t use it for a while, it would discharge and that would damage it. Is that true for the rebuilds? And it can only be recharged around 300 times? Or has battery technology improved?

  • EBike Marketplace: July 07, 2020

    @Rocky – Yes, it sounds like a battery that’s on its last legs. We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade it for you though: https://ebikemarketplace.com/products/ezee-li-ion-electric-bike-batteries

  • Rocky Phelps: July 07, 2020

    We recently purchased a used EZee Sprint. It runs fine until we put a load on the motor – going uphill, for example. Then the motor suddenly cuts out. After a few seconds, it will restart, but again cuts out after a few seconds under load. I’m thinking it sounds like a tired old battery. Does this make sense to you? Or do you have any other ideas? Thank you! It does appear to charge properly.

  • EBike Marketplace: May 18, 2020

    @Chris – Our current pricing can be found here: https://ebikemarketplace.com/products/ezee-li-ion-electric-bike-batteries

    Depending on the exact model of your case, we can upgrade it even further.

  • Chris Pritchard: May 18, 2020

    I have an Ezee bike Cadence with a battery that no longer charges. Wondered if it is rebuildable, how much does it cost and how long to complete. Thanks Chris
    36v 15ah preferred

  • EBike Marketplace: May 04, 2020

    @Zorah – We’d be happy to rebuild/upgrade your eZee Sprint battery.


  • zorah: May 04, 2020

    i would love getting this old Ezee Sprint e bike going again with a rebuilt/new battery

    what is the process and cost?

  • EBike Marketplace: February 04, 2019

    @Abdeaziz – Our current pricing for these battery rebuilds can be found here: https://ebikemarketplace.com/products/ezee-li-ion-electric-bike-batteries

  • Abdeaziz: February 04, 2019

    What the price for the bettery

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