52V 32Ah Lithium Ion


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      This EMP  lithium battery Pack is shrink wrapped with flame retarded fish paper inside to improve safety. We test each cell first before we build the battery pack to ensure the cells are properly balanced. We build every battery to order nothing sits on the shelf here as we want to only send the freshest battery and we educate all our customer not to leave the battery sitting for a long time with out charging as well. Check the video below to see whats inside of a EMP Battery. 


      Difference between 52V battery vs 48V Battery 

      52V battery if paired with a compatible motor will give you a bit more acceleration ( Torque ) . For example the bafang Mid drive motor 48V has a voltage range of 40V to 58V which most 52V batteries are 14S which means 4.2 x 14S is 58.8V so a 52V battery will work for a 48V motor for Bafang. When this is paired together it will be slightly more powerful and will give you more acceleration vs a 48V battery. 

      Having a high steady voltage is great for you motor output so using a 52V battery system will make you motor run more effectively over the course of time if you are looking to draw more power from the motor. 48V batteries will over time start to drop in voltage over time and so will a 52V battery so having a 52V battery over time will be just like owning a 48V battery once the voltage starts to sag a bit but this can be avoided by having a good BMS with passive or active balancing.   



      Battery Specifications

      • Nominal Capacity 32Ah
      • Nominal Voltage 52v
      • 21700 Cells 
      • Max. charge voltage 58.8v
      • Max. discharge voltage 39.5v
      • Max Input Current 15 amps
      • Cycle life 500 times
      • Weight 10 lbs
      • Max Discharge Current Continuous 50 Amps
      • Max Discharge Current Peak 100 Amps
      • Operating Temperate Range Charge 0˚C ~ 45˚C
      • Operating Temperate Range Discharge-20˚C ~ 60˚C
      • Storage Temperate Range (Long Term Storage 3 months)-10˚C ~ 45˚C (23˚C )
      • 1 Year Warranty 

      Battery Pack Dimensions

      Battery Pack Dimension can be custom made depending on the application. Battery will come with Anderson connectors only which you can use for charge and discharge. We can customize the battery with any connector of you choice please just call in to confirm at 888-456-9410.  

      Battery is a great size and can travel for around 55 - 60 miles distance on a single charge.

      Battery Size 

      • Length - 13 inches 
      • Width - 8 inches 
      • Height 3.5 inches 
    • Dealer Support


        We are a ebike component store that can help fully support you business with all different type of electrical components. We have access to all the top Motor brands and we have the ability to repair the motors as well. Our factory is fully capable of   rebuilding and recycling all different types of ebike batteries. We can also build specials batteries above 48v spec so please let us handle all you specials projects. Let us help you businesses become more successful by adding a custom style batteries. We can build a custom battery to fit inside of your system for you. Do you want a sample battery to test out the market? No problem send over a case for your battery system and let us do the rest. We are battery experts so we can chose the correct connectors that will work well with your system. 

        Options available for OEM style and Custom batteries

        • High Current Discharge Connectors
        • Battery management System Protection including Temp sensor
        • Heat shrink/Rubber Heat Shrink
        • Custom Battery Gauge
        • Quick disconnect Switches

        Do you have a bike collection that you would like to make electric but not sure how to get started? Contact Us for more info!

        Product Options 

        1. 24V - 72v Options we have access to the best motors in china place your next order with us and we will get you any motor you want.
        2. 250W  - 5000W motors we have access to what ever range you want just let us know the project and we will get the best motors only tested and ceritfed by our best engineers. 
        3. Mid Motor / Front motor / Rear motor - just chose the place you want the power to come from and we will get it for you no problem or if you want chose more than one we have built several system with two motors to give you that extra power needed for what ever project you have. 
        4. Chargers -  Fast charging to safe slow charger we can get any voltage and current range that is needed to get you system going. 
        5. Cases - No only can we get you cases but we can even brand them with you shop name if you like just give us a call and we can help you get started.



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