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72V | 28AH Lithium Ion Battery Pack (Stealth Bomber)


Battery Size
    Product Specs
  • Variant: 72V 20Ah (80A BMS System)
  • SKU: NB72V-24A-1
  • In Stock: 32
  • Weight: 25.0 lb
  • Product Type: Battery
  • Brand: EBikeMarketplace
  • Collection:
We use the New 21700 cells for this big battery system as most stealth bikes can output up to around 80 amp continues discharge so a strong more powerful cell will help get the best performance form your battery systems.  You must order a charge also if you would like to order this battery as these cells are LI-poly. The chem is different on these battery cells please click this link here to see the charger Click Here Primary Cell Samsung 50E Cells  Alternate Cell Model 21700 
  • End-off voltage(V): 65
  • Charging cut-off voltage(V): 84 
  • Rated charging current Amperage of BMS (A): 15
  • Maximum Instantaneous discharging current Amperage of BMS (A): 160
  • Maximum continuous discharging current Amperage of BMS(A): 80 
  • Battery Cell: 21700 Samsung 40T
  • 5C discharge for RPE Cell 
  • Max charging Current Amperage (A): 15 
  • Cycle Life - 500 
  • Charging Type(CC-CV): CC/CV 
  • Cut-off charging voltage(V): 84 
  • Charge temperature range ssd: 0-50℃ 
  • Discharge temperature range: -20–50℃  

20A is 5P (80Ah BMS continuous discharging) 

24A is 6P (80Ah BMS continuous discharging) 

28A is 7P (80 -100Ah BMS continuous discharging)

35Ah is 7p (80 -100Ah BMS continuous discharging) Samsung 21700 cells 

Dims 7p System 

  • 13-5/8 inches Length     |      346 mm
  • 6 inches Wide          |      155 mm  
  • 4-3/8 inches Height  |      111 mm



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