DP c250 Display


  • Product Description

      The BAFANG HMI with a high-contrast LCD display delivers all important information at a glance and can also be read in direct sunlight without difficulty. The BAFANG handlebar controller gives good feedback, is extremely robust and easy to use. The additional output can be individually controlled by five support levels. The user interface is clearly legible and intuitive to use. The HMI is compatible with the Bus system RS 232. The HMI is protected against contact and ingress of water and dirt and complies with protection class IP 65. It is available in black.



      Core Data

      Display Type LCD
      Display Segment Display
      Rated Voltage(DCV) 36/43/48
      Support Modes 0-5
      Operating Temperature -20 - 45℃
      Com. Protocol UART
      Weight (g) 160

      Mounting Parameters

      Dimensions (mm) 58.4*98.4*67.5
      Holder (mm) Ø 31.8/Ø 25.4/Ø 22.2
      Cable Length(mm), Connector Type 230 M5.2/850 M5.2
      Control Unit Cable (mm) 300 / 250

      Indication Information

      Current Speed (km/h) Yes
      Maximum Speed (km/h) Yes
      Average Speed (km/h) Yes
      Single Duration Trip No
      Single Distance Trip Yes
      Total Distance Yes
      Reset S.T. Duration No
      Reset S.T. Distance Yes
      Capacity Yes
      Error Code Display Yes
      Walk Boost Yes
      Backlight Yes
      Light Sensor Yes

      Further Specifications

      Bluetooth NO
      USB Charge 5V 500mA
      USB Communication NO



      Tests & Certifications

      IP IP 65
      Certifications CE / EN 15194 / REACH / ROHS


      Dimension A 58.4mm
      Dimension B 98.4 mm
      Dimension C 67.5 mm
      Dimension D Ø31.8 mm
      Dimension E 43.6 mm
      Dimension F 75 mm
      Dimension G 3.4"
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