Giant Twist E-bike Battery Cell Replacement Service


Let us rebuild your existing e-bike battery that's not giving you the range it once did!  Send in your battery and we'll send back an upgraded battery re-using your case.

Giant Bicycles came out with a range of Twist e-bikes around 2010-2013, including the Twist 1.1, Twist Lite Single, Twist Go, Twist Elegance CS, Twist Express CS, Twist Sport CS, Twist Comfort CS, and Twist Freedom DX/CS. Most of these had batteries that hung off the sides of the rear rack, but some, like the Lafree Twist, had the battery inserted behind the seatpost. Even if your battery is a NiMH, we can convert it to lithium ion and, often times, upgrade your range as well.

Purchase of this product only reserves your spot in the production line. You will still need to send us your battery and charger using our Battery Intake Form. All of our rebuilds come with a 12 month warranty! Purchase price is for a single battery rebuild.