Schwinn Li-ion Electric Bike Batteries

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One of our specialties is being able to replace and repair e-bike batteries that are no longer supported by their manufacturer. Recently, we've had a few Schwinn Tailwind batteries come through the shop and we rebuild them as 24 V 10 Ah batteries using fresh lithium polymer cells to get it running like new again. The Tailwind originally came out in 2009 and had about a 30 mile range with the battery. If degradation has led to an unacceptable range decrease, let us rebuild your battery so you can cover the distances you need without anxiety. Don't let a drained battery...

These are battery rebuilds only, the bike is not included in our battery refill service. Simply just mail in any equipment that came with your battery as well as the charger  from there we will test the battery to see its current condition but the charger is needed in the testing process.After we receive it, we will send you a 100% tested Refilled Higher Capacity Battery Pack to you.   

Every battery comes with a 1 Year Warranty !!! 

500 - 800 cycles on every battery

***Always remember to include your charger when shipping your battery and make sure you fill out the battery intake form. 

Battery Intake form