Lithium Cycles Super 73 Battery Cell Replacement

Posted on February 26 2019

The motorbike-styled Super73® e-bike from Lithium Cycles is one of the hottest design innovations in the industry. We recently checked out one of their batteries for one of our customers for their Scout S1 model.

The S73-700 battery is originally listed at 48V 14.5Ah in a 13S 5P configuration. This means, with today's newer cells, we can upgrade this up to 48V 17.5Ah giving you over 20% more range!

Our rebuilds are better than getting a new battery. Plus, they're backed by our full 1 year warranty. If you're ready to send yours in, use our Battery Intake Form, or contact us if you have further questions.



Super73® is a registered trademark of 82nd West Investment Holdings Inc., a California Corporation. EBike Marketplace is not affiliated with 82nd West Investment Holdings Inc. and offers battery rebuild services solely as a third party company.


  • EBike Marketplace: April 29, 2019

    @Kerry – Yes, we can rebuild your battery and likely upgrade the capacity as well. Please see our Battery Intake Form for sending the battery in to us.

  • kerry: April 29, 2019

    hi i have a Sanyo li-ion battery it’s sanik 36v9ah for my greenedge mounting bike that needs repairing can you do this for me please. look forward to your reply thanks

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