Sondors E-bike Battery Replacement

Are you ready to upgrade or replace your Sondors e-bike battery? Let EMP set you up with a higher power battery pack so you can have more fun on your ride! We can rebuild and repair your old battery pack and have it running better than new.

Sondors Bullet Battery Replacement Spare

We can upgrade the bullet-style, water bottle mounted batteries up to 36V 14Ah. The triangle batteries have even more room for up to 65 cells, meaning we can potentially get those up to 36V 18Ah!

From the original Sondors fat e-bike, Thin, or Fold models, including 7 and X variants, we can make sure your battery has fresh, grade A cells for a longer, more powerful ride and longer life overall. We have options to fit any budget, with various lithium ion cylindrical or polymer pouch cells.

Sondors thin, fat triangle battery

Just fill our our Battery Intake Form or give us a call at 1-888-456-9410 and we'll make sure you get what you need. We warranty our batteries for 12 months. We'll even recycle your old battery for you!

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EBike Marketplace - December 6, 2018

@Paul – We find that trying to repair chargers aren’t really worth the time and money. Check our Chargers page for compatible chargers with your model.

Paul - December 6, 2018

I have a defective charger. Where can I mail it for repair?

EBike Marketplace - December 3, 2018

@Robert – We can upgrade certain models of the triangle battery pack. We will be in touch with more details.

Robert G. Knight - December 3, 2018

Hi. Can you increase the amps of a Sondors 36 volt thin triangle? Or increase the voltage to 48 volts? Robert.

EBike Marketplace - October 22, 2018

@Stephan – We are not able to combine cells from multiple packs to make one working pack.

Stephan - October 22, 2018

I have two Sondors triangle battery packs. Both have reduced power from spark and incorrect charging habits. Can you combine batteries between the two to refurbish? There should be a lot of good cells since the second one is pretty new. What would be the estimated cost?

EBike Marketplace - June 27, 2018

@Daniel, We’d have to do a diagnosis on it to figure out exactly what’s wrong before giving you a quote.

Daniel Schupp - June 27, 2018

My battery for a 6 month old sondors fold-x got accidentally shorted in the charging port, causing a spark. The battery appears to be holding a charge and performing normally (rode 25 miles and still shows 3/4 charge) but won’t accept a charge when attached to the charger. We tried it with a charger for another fold-x which is working so know the problem is with the battery pack itself. Any idea on the cost to repair?

EBike Marketplace - March 5, 2018

Hi Akanksha, we will be in touch regarding some options we can provide.

Akanksha Mehrotra - March 3, 2018

We own 2 Sondros fat tire ebikes (original) and have not been able to ride them for over a year and now the batteries don’t hold charge. Can you please provide an estimate to repair them? Looking for a cost effective solution.


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