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Polaris/Evantage E-bike Battery Replacement

Posted on July 13 2017

Polaris e-bike battery replacement


Can't find support for your Polaris/Evantage battery since they stopped making e-bikes? You can find it here! We can rebuild, repair, and replace your Polaris e-bike battery no matter if it's the rear rack or downtube variety for any model. Similar batteries were also used by PIM (Power In Motion) Bicycles! We'll get you back your wheels running better than new! Check out our options for Polaris battery rebuilds.

Polaris e-bike battery replacement, repair, service

Our expert battery technicians use only fresh, grade A lithium ion batteries and we warranty our work for a full 12 months. Give us a call or fill out our Battery Intake Form to get the process started. We stock a variety of batteries so we can provide the right solution to balance the battery specs with your budget. We don't ship out our batteries until we test them so you'll know you're getting a good pack.


  • EBike Marketplace: September 29, 2020

    @James – Unfortunately we no longer repair or replace Polaris batteries.

  • James D Young: September 29, 2020

    I need my Polaris e bike either replaced or refurbished. The md number is evo10-AA4021,44v 6ah. Any help in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you

  • EBike Marketplace: September 28, 2020

    @James – Unfortunately we no longer repair or replace Polaris batteries.

  • James D Young: September 28, 2020

    I have a 2018 Polaris Evike and the battery is not taking a charge how do I go about getting it rebuilt?

  • EBike Marketplace: September 22, 2020

    @Mary – We no longer repair or replace Polaris batteries.

  • Mary kelly: September 22, 2020

    Do you have a replacement Polaris ebike battery
    Model: EV010-AA4021,44V 6Ah

  • EBike Marketplace: August 21, 2020

    @Tom – Unfortunately, we do not stock Polaris chargers.

  • Tom : August 21, 2020

    I need the charger for the Polaris Strive
    I have the battery which I need to send to you
    Do you carry the charger for the bike
    2 or 3 pin

  • EBike Marketplace: August 18, 2020

    @Sylvain – We do not have, nor do we know where to source, Polaris batteries.

  • Sylvain Roy: August 18, 2020

    I need the batterie replacement for Polaris Strive

  • EBike Marketplace: August 03, 2020

    @Khalil – We do not have, nor do we know where to source, Polaris batteries or chargers.

  • Khalil: August 03, 2020

    What can I do, I need replacement battery and charger

  • EBike Marketplace: June 22, 2020

    @Bienvenido – Unfortunately, we no longer rebuild or repair Polaris batteries.

  • Bienvenido Castillo : June 22, 2020

    I have Polaris electric bike I need a evantage e bike charge

  • EBike Marketplace: May 28, 2020

    @Harry – We no longer rebuild Polaris batteries due to Polaris component failures that we can’t replace.

  • Harry Saenz: May 28, 2020

    I have a victor e bike and the battery needs to be rebuilt? Can I send it to you for repair? will you require the charger? CAN YOU TELL APPROX HOW MUCH? Thank you, Harry

  • Sam B: May 16, 2020

    to Dan Matrafajlo on March 17: the Derailleur Hanger you’re looking for is PROBABLY the one listed on “Wheels MFG derailleur hanger 154” but you’ll need to tap the threads slightly larger. M4 if I remember correctly. I have a Polaris Aapex as well, and ended up doing that myself.

  • EBike Marketplace: May 14, 2020

    @Robert – We do not stock new Polaris batteries.

  • robert e fowler: May 14, 2020

    I have a Polaris Strive ST bike looking for a battery for the bike model # of the is Bat296D
    29.6v6a HR
    how much is a new battery?

  • EBike Marketplace: April 14, 2020

    @Rick – Our current pricing for Polaris / PIM batteries can be found here:


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