Polaris/Evantage E-bike Battery Replacement

Can't find support for your Polaris/Evantage battery since they stopped making e-bikes? You can find it here! We can rebuild, repair, and replace your Polaris e-bike battery no matter if it's the rear rack or downtube variety for any model. We'll get you back your wheels running better than new! Check out our options for Polaris battery rebuilds.

Polaris e-bike battery replacement, repair, service

Our expert battery technicians use only fresh, grade A lithium ion batteries and we warranty our work for a full 12 months. Give us a call or fill out our Battery Intake Form to get the process started. We stock a variety of batteries so we can provide the right solution to balance the battery specs with your budget. We don't ship out our batteries until we test them so you'll know you're getting a good pack.

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EBike Marketplace - April 16, 2019

@Johan – Unfortunately, we do not have any pinout information on the Polaris batteries.

Johan Kok - April 16, 2019

I’ve got a polaris maridian I need a pin layout. The small pin on the right bottom I cant figure out is this the lock. Please assist. I am stuck. the display comes on and the speedo is working but its still difficult to peddle.

EBike Marketplace - May 21, 2018

@Victor, We can provide rebuild services for your current battery. Unfortunately, we do not stock new or spare batteries.

Victor doche - May 20, 2018

Need battery and charger for
Polaris strive st
Unfortunately lost original charger
Also need battery for genze e101
Pls let me know availability and cost


EBike Marketplace - May 6, 2018

Hi AJ, unfortunately, it is difficult for us to support customers who do not have a battery to start with, especially with a Polaris e-bike as some of our generic options are not compatible. If you can find a used battery somewhere else, we could rebuild that for you.

AJ - May 6, 2018

I see you rebuild batteries but what if do not have batrery?

EBikeMarketplace - January 22, 2018

Hi Jahldi, yes, we can take care of the Polaris Rail as well. We just list the models we see most frequently here.

Jahldi Merritt - January 22, 2018

Hi, I have a Polaris Rail ebike and the battery went bad, I don’t see the rail as one of the two bikes that you have as a option. Will you still be able to help?

EBike Marketplace - December 11, 2017

Hi Guy, we only rebuild old batteries for Polaris; we do not stock new batteries. If you would like to send your old battery in for rebuild, we would be happy to take care of you.

Guy Peters - December 8, 2017

Can I buy a new battery for my Polaris bike.
Ship to Naples FLORIDA

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