Currie E-bike Battery Replacement

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Currie rear rack battery replacement

Is your Currie e-bike battery not giving you the power it used to? We are the official repair center for legacy Currie batteries! Send it to us and we'll rebuild it to get it running better than new! We use fresh, grade A lithium ion battery cells and we have a variety of options to balance your budget with the performance you need. Often, we can upgrade the capacity of the original battery to give you even more range!

Currie eFlow Battery ReplacementCurrie Technologies Electro Drive E-bike Battery Replacement

Currie Electro Drive units can be found on Raleigh, IZIP, Diamondback, and Yuba Bicycles brand e-bikes. We'll support most brands and models, even if they're discontinued or the manufacturer is out of business. We've rebuilt standard downtube, water bottle type, and rear rack batteries and even the less conventional seat tube battery for the Currie eFlow shown above.

Our experienced battery pack technicians rebuild, repair, and replace batteries for all types of personal light electric vehicles (LEV's). Our packs come with a full 12 month warranty. Give us a call or fill out our Battery Intake Form and let us get you back on your wheels. We'll even recycle your old battery for you!

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@Gonzalo – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your battery for you:

EBike Marketplace,

I have a 2016 DiamondBack Trace EXC whose battery appears to have died (it no longer charges) after only around 400 miles. Is it possible to get a replacement?
It’s a 48V 8.7Ah 418Wh Li-Ion battery.
How much would it cost?


@Karl – Let us know what type of battery you have and we’ll see what we can do!

EBike Marketplace,

I have a Raleigh cadent ie bike from 2019. I don’t get the mileage I was hoping for from the current Currie battery. I get 25-30 miles which isn’t bad. I’d just like to take longer trips. Rather than buy a new bike, What I would most like is to carry around a second identical battery that I can pop in after the first battery runs out of juice.
Can you help me with this.

Karl Middleman,

@Roy – Send us the specifications of your battery and/or some pictures and we can get you an accurate estimate.

EBike Marketplace,

Does the 12 volt tag on the Moyer means the curry takes a 12 volt battery? What’s the cost to replace or rebuild? Mine is the spade type not the round pin type.

Roy Hedlund,

@Robin – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your battery for you:

EBike Marketplace,

I am thinking about buying a used 2015 Diamondback Lindau, but the battery is dead. Can you give me an estimate for replacement/rebuild?


@Amy – Sorry to hear you’re having problems with one of our batteries. We’ll be in touch with some guidance.

EBike Marketplace,

You rebuild my Yuba Spicy curry battery last summer. During the rebuild, we moved to Montana and now we live on a dirt road and aren’t able to use the bike. When I got the battery back from you, I tested it and then put it in the house for the winter. I just went to charge it so that I can sell the bike and the charger has a green light, the battery has red and orange bar but it is not charging at all after a few hours. Do I need to buy another battery?!

Amy Carse,

@Deno – We’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade it for you:

EBike Marketplace,

I have an Izip E3 Dash 2015 battery that needs to be replaced.rebuilt. It is a 48V Currie BL 17 Li-ion 8.7 AH, 418 WH battery. What are my options? Is the current rebuild lead time 12 weeks as stated?!!


@Dave – Yes, we’d be happy to rebuild and upgrade your battery for you:

EBike Marketplace,

Can you help me with a Currie Electro-Drive® (TranzX), M07 that is on a Yuba Spicy Curry that is no longer holding a charge very long?
48 v, lithium ion



@William – We’ll be in touch with our options!

EBike Marketplace,

I have a Peak E3 Currie electronic drive Izip lost the battery and charger need to replace, can you help?

William. Davis,

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