Light Electric Vehicle Battery Replacement and Repair

At EBikeMarketplace, we service a variety of batteries used on light electric vehicles (LEV's) for personal transportation. Whether it's an electric bike, trike, pedicab, scooter, skateboard, or another type of vehicle altogether, we'll rebuild, replace, refurbish, or repair the battery pack. Some of our special vehicles we've done include electric Trikke carving vehicles, Rio Mobility Firefly and Dragonfly handcycle wheelchair attachments, and Lyric Motion electric boards. We'll even recycle your old batteries for you. Pictured above are just some of the common battery styles across personal EV's - water bottle, downtube, and seat tube battery packs. It doesn't matter if the model has been discontinued, your battery is out of warranty, or if the manufacturer is still in business.

Light electric vehicle LEV lithium ion battery repair, replacement, service

We have a variety of lithium ion batteries to fit any form factor. We can usually provide you options to give you the performance you need and to fit any budget. Often, we can even upgrade the original battery to give you even more power, energy, and range! All of our batteries are backed with a one year warranty. So you if you have a battery pack that's not giving you the juice you think it should, give us a call or fill out our Battery Intake Form today and let us get you moving again!

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